Accurate blood test for Alzheimer’s

New blood test can accurately detect Alzheimer’s 10 years before symptoms.

gloved doctors hands holding blood test for alzheimers

There have been several breakthroughs in early Alzheimer’s detection this year. This new blood test, however, seems almost too good to be true.  

The test claims to be able to detect Alzheimer’s disease years before the symptoms begin to appear. Such an early warning system would not only give patients their best chance of slowing down the disease’s progression, but it would also give scientists more information on how the disease develops, which could lead to better treatments. So how does it work?

Scientists are already aware that, with Alzheimer’s, changes begin in the brain up to a decade before sufferers begin to notice symptoms. This new blood test looks for ‘autoantibody biomarkers’. Regular antibodies are produced by the body’s immune system to fight diseases. An autoantibody is an antibody produced by the immune system that fights the body’s own cells. Many autoimmune diseases are caused by autoantibodies. The blood test looks for ‘biomarkers’ or signs that the body is producing autoantibodies which may be causing harm.

Specifically, the blood test is being developed to detect the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease, which is called mild cognitive impairment (MCI). In the trial, samples were taken from a range of participants, including the healthy, those with MCI, those with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s, and those with a range of other diseases, to see if the test could be tricked by various conditions.

Using the biomarker detection method, the test was 100 per cent accurate in detecting MCI. It was also highly accurate in detecting later-stage Alzheimer’s, early stage Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and breast cancer.

The researchers who ran the trial have noted that they need to test it again with a larger sample size than the original 236 participants, but the results are very promising. This new method could signal new early detection tests for a range of diseases. It could also give those concerned about Alzheimer’s some peace of mind or, in the worst case, much earlier warning.

What do you think? Would you get tested if it were available?



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    27th Jun 2016
    Is this blood test available now through GPs??
    27th Jun 2016
    Definately, forewarned and forearmed.
    27th Jun 2016
    As an aged care worker hope for the future to test everyone as they get older would be the best thing!!! The devastation that this disease causes through families is sad to watch. So as we test for Brest cancer with mammograms bowel kits this could be helpful in lessening and one day eradicating all together. Bravo
    27th Jun 2016
    I sure would! Alzheimers is in my family, and to know if and when I will succumb would be great
    27th Jun 2016
    Agree, my mother had Dementia, she had fun and played naughty games & getting away with it! , was very entertaining, but us daughters would inwardly cry when on our own.
    27th Jun 2016
    Yes please
    27th Jun 2016
    Definitely would go for test if/when it's available. The earlier you know the sooner you can do something to slow down the progression (or halt it if therapies are available). My mother had Alzheimer's - she was lucky that my dad could care for her until very close to the end but not everyone has a caring partner or available family to take on this 'burden'....
    27th Jun 2016
    Yes, I would get tested, my mum has this disease.
    27th Jun 2016
    I would most definately like the test.
    After having had a mastectomy, would be great to know if i still had cancer in me !
    27th Jun 2016
    27th Jun 2016
    Not much point getting tested unless they find significant treatment options as well for me
    27th Jun 2016
    My mother had altzeimers and I would like to have the blood test
    27th Jun 2016
    Yes definitely my paternal grandfather and great uncle had Alzheimers it has skipped my fathers generation however my generation are all worried it will come out in ours.
    Anne Ozzie
    27th Jun 2016
    Is this study Australian? How far along it is? can we have more details on who is conducting it and what institution is involved. You have given us no essential references.
    28th Jun 2016
    I would definitely have the test. My mother, 4 of her sisters, one brother and her mother all had Alzheimer's. Yes, I'm really concerned that I will also get this dreadful disease and if I could find out I would seek early treatment to slow down the onset.
    29th Jun 2016
    I would really like to be tested for Alzheimer's as it seems to run in one side of my family.

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