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The bush dance lottery

Bush dance lottery leaves you in the lap of the gods

The bush dance lottery

Looking back ‘fondly’ on the trials of the progressive barn dance.

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Making the most of small spaces

Making the most of small spaces

Making the most of small spaces

Seven helpful hints from interior designers to open up small spaces at home.

Misogynistic phrases that need to go

attractive woman smiles at the camera

Misogynistic phrases that need to go

These seemingly harmless sayings actually have sexist roots.

Drinking may protect brain function

woman pondering in front of gears functioning

Drinking may protect brain function

Light to moderate drinking may preserve brain function in older age.

Bizarre facts about man’s best friend

cute dog playing in the grass

Bizarre facts about man’s best friend

Do you think you know everything there is to know about canines? Maybe think again.

Tips for painting interior woodwork

freshly painted loungeroom

Tips for painting interior woodwork

Use our top tips to get a flawless finish while painting your interior woodwork.

The three pillars of longevity

The three pillars of wellbeing that can increase longevity

The three pillars of longevity

“We don't need to sacrifice enjoying life today to live as long as possible.”

Retirement Village Living

An app to help families connect

App designed to help combat the communication breakdowns caused by COVID-19.

Aged care app

Jean Kittson’s aged care ‘bible’

A guide that makes navigating the age care maze with elderly parents a heap easier.

The golden rules

Retirement village rent assistance

Will Elsa’s mother be able to claim rent assistance on retirement village fees?

Rental help


Virus’s huge hit on volunteers

COVID-19 deprives critically important sector of 12 million hours per week: study.

Numbers plummet

Grandmas saving the world

Grandmothers as social activists? What a radical idea … but one that is increasingly true of today’s generation of grandmothers.

What are you doing?

Life after YourLifeChoices

Former YourLifeChoices owner and publisher David Fallick has a toe on the retirement treadmill. He tells what’s next after stepping aside – and there’s a lot!

Magazines, gardens and more


Fun things with the grandkids

Easy projects that are fun for the whole family and encourage kids to be creative.

Get creative

Rebel rocker plays with passion

Apia Good Times stars can’t come to your town this year, but you can visit them at theirs.

Rebel with a cause

Quiz barbecue personality

What kind of person do you become once you have the power of the tongs in your hand?

Get grilling


Royal wedding dresses through the ages

From over-the-top opulence to trendsetting styles.

Bridal beauty

How to make your wardrobe work harder

Beauty and fashion queen Rebecca O’Hearn tells how to get the most out of a tired wardrobe.

When necessity calls

Are you guilty as charged?

Blue eyeshadow, hair mascara and fake tan – where the quest for ‘beauty’ took us over the decades.

Were you guilty?

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