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Do you forget to clean these areas?

gloved hand cleaning a wall

Do you forget to clean these areas?

When was the last time you took a cloth to these commonly neglected areas?

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The joys of life’s ups and downs

A classic hotel elevator

The joys of life’s ups and downs

A ‘bushie’ reflects on city living, the silence of elevators and neighbourly gestures.

How to make your home more secure

silhouette of key in door handle

How to make your home more secure

Expert explains how to keep your home and garden as secure as possible.

Keeping mice and rats out of your home

a rat

Keeping mice and rats out of your home

Slam the door in the face of these unwanted house guests.

Biggest car washing mistakes

These car washing mistakes can damage your car's exterior

Biggest car washing mistakes

Include your car in your spring clean.

Good and bad COVID habits

Sneakers from above on the white arrows

Good and bad COVID habits

Time to eliminate bad lockdown habits and reinforce the good ones.

Dealing with your pet’s hairy problem

sleeping dog

Dealing with your pet’s hairy problem

Cleaning expert shares tricks of the trade.

Retirement Village Living

Aged care shame

What you say about the state of the aged care sector.

Little faith in change

Taking a break from aged care

What are your rights when pulling a loved one out of residential aged care?

Emergency leave

How to make a complaint about aged care

How the Older Persons Advocacy Network can help with aged care complaints.

How to complain


Virus’s huge hit on volunteers

COVID-19 deprives critically important sector of 12 million hours per week: study.

Numbers plummet

Grandmas saving the world

Grandmothers as social activists? What a radical idea … but one that is increasingly true of today’s generation of grandmothers.

What are you doing?

How to be a good carer

There are nearly 2.7 million carers in Australia, approximately 12 per cent of the population.

Who cares for the carer?


Get ahead of the home renovation curve

Four ways to style the Dulux 2021 colour of the year.

Redecorate for 2021

Bamboo vs Egyptian cotton

Which of these sheets is the secret to a good night’s sleep?

Comfort battle

Growing tips for five favourite vegies

It can be challenging but very rewarding to grow your own food.

Plan it out


Work the wow factor into your home

‘Design junkies’ tell how you can create stylish, eye-catching interiors on a budget.

Make an impact

Tips for tackling a wardrobe clear-out

How to take a no-fuss approach to this popular lockdown task.

Time to be ruthless

The history of eyelashes

The tiny hairs that hold huge sway in the beauty industry.

Fakes and favourites


Are you disillusioned with democracy?

Faith in democracy is at an all-time low, but lower for millennials.

Are you satisfied?

The plastic in our oceans

We estimate up to 14 million tonnes of microplastics lie on the seafloor.

What the tide washed up

How healthy is your supermarket?

The ‘Fresh Food People’ awarded healthiest home brand packaged products.

Who’s healthiest?


Mangled language I just can’t tolerate

Former Macquarie Dictionary editor shares her journey and her pet hates.

Misuse that jars

Lifestyle changes that beat Alzheimer’s

Reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, even when you are at an older age.

Simple but effective

Simple steps to curb clutter

How to cut the clutter and create a happier, more orderly home.

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