How to find a good hairdresser

Push the panic button! Your favourite hair stylist over the years has moved interstate and you don’t know if you will ever have the self-confidence to step outside your house again without a hat. Do you stay with the same salon, even though you don’t think the stylists left behind are talented? Or do you start looking for another hairdresser and wonder how you will sort the wheat from the chaff?

After you have composed yourself, ask your friends for recommendations.

If their tips aren’t helpful, identifying a good stylist can be made easier if you do some sneaky research before committing to the all-important haircut:

  • check out the salons in locations you find convenient to see if they make the customer experience pleasant. Go to the reception and ask about their prices for certain appointments. While you are chatting, check out the waiting area. Is it comfortable with plenty of magazines and maybe a television? What sort of music do they play over the speakers? Do you like it or is it jarring and too loud?
  • don’t be afraid to ask about the qualifications of the staff. Did they study their craft formally and how are their skills kept up to date?
  • check out how the staff treat their clients, starting with the attention you receive at reception. Is it friendly and welcoming? Are the other staff busy gossiping with each other and ignoring their clients?
  • is the salon advertising discounts to its services? This is often a sign that they are struggling to get enough customers as a well-regarded salon does not need to advertise because customer loyalty keeps the tills ringing
  • book a no-obligation consultation with a senior stylist to discuss your needs. This appointment is a great opportunity to decipher if the hairdresser knows their ‘stuff’. Do they discuss styles that suit your face and personality – conservative or outgoing? If they do not, or if they struggle to explain when asked about the suitability of certain cuts, that could signal they don’t care enough
  • during the consultation, check out the demeanour of clients whose appointments are coming to an end. Do they appear pleased with the result? Are they smiling or scowling?
  • if you are almost convinced that you may have found the right match, make your first appointment a ‘non-invasive’ procedure, such as a wash and style, rather than a haircut or colour. This experience will give you even more insight into whether the salon will treat you with respect and strive to achieve your desired outcome.


Do you switch hair salons regularly? What tips do you have for selecting a good hair stylist? Have you ever had a disastrous hairdressing experience? If so, what happened and why?

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Written by Olga Galacho


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