Our picks from the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction longlist

Whoever said the past was set in stone.

Hillary Clinton and other pollies who've tried their hand at fiction

In 1953, Winston Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Roses for nearly every garden set-up

There really is a rose for nearly every purpose and function in your garden.

Dazzling debut novels from fresh new writers

Itching to get your hands on some novels from fresh talent?

Rescuing Australia's lost literary treasures

A new project is digitising some of Australia's most culturally important lost books.

Films and books that changed your life

The other day on the radio an announcer asked the audience for the film that had changed their

Everything whisky novices need to know

Seven things to know before jumping on the whiskey bandwagon.

Win double passes to Ammonite

Answer a simple question and you could be off to the movies - on us.

Ice baths, immunity and inner peace

Unleash your natural human superpowers.

Things you only know if you grew up loving the cinema

The many life lessons of the silver screen.

It’s never too late to rediscover past passions

Wanted to paint or learn another language, but never found the time? Now you have it!

Sitting’s bad rap: Sedentary lifestyle could be good for older adults

New study reveals that sedentary older adults perform better on some brain tests.

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