This is where I leave you

With a stellar cast, This is where I leave you is an enjoyably lighthearted movie from director Shawn Levy whose previous films include Big Fat Liar, Cheaper by the Dozen and Night at the Museum.

Jane Fonda is perfect as the matriarch of the family, whose husband Mort has just past away. She informs their four children, Judd (Justin Bateman), Paul, Wendy (Tina Fey) and Phillip who have returned home for the funeral that his dying wish was that their family sit shiva – the seven day Jewish mourning period, where family members gather in the deceased’s home and receive visitors. So, the five of them (and various other characters including Paul’s wife Annie – the ex-girlfriend of Judd who is desperately trying to fall pregnant; Phillip’s much older girlfriend Tracy who is also his therapist, and a potty-training toddler happily sharing his offerings with all) are grounded in their childhood home for a week. Considering that they don’t get on terribly well at the best of times, throw into the mix Judd’s cheating wife Quinn who has been having an affair with his boss for over a year, the brain damaged ex-boyfriend of Wendy, the flaky Penny (played brilliantly by Rose Byrne) who has always been madly in love with Judd and you have the makings of a very funny movie.

With a hilarious script, several great one-liners and some laugh out loud moments, This is where I leave you provides an enjoyable couple of hours viewing.

Written by Andrea