Mother’s Day for Beryl and Joan

Peter Leith is 89 and describes himself as ‘half-deaf and half-blind’, but he has never been one to dwell on his challenges. This is another in his series of true short stories.


Beryl and Joan have been ‘married’ to each other for 12 years now. Before that they were in conventional marriages.

They had each birthed, nurtured and raised children, built careers and came to realise that heterosexual marriage was not for them.

They met and fell in love.

Amicable divorces meant that there has been no family-shattering hostility or conflict. Both women and their ex-husbands co-exist amicably and even fondly.

This afternoon, as they “potter around the house”, the front door bell will ring. They will go to it together, open it and be met by a small mob of “smiley-faced children and grandchildren and a chorus of ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.


This is one of a series of short stories by Peter Leith. He says the anecdotes are based on fact. Do you have a story or an observation for Peter? Send it to [email protected] and put ‘Sunday’ in the subject line.

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