Style lessons from Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones are back with a new lockdown single, Living In A Ghost Town, but aside from the music, frontman Mick Jagger is legendary for his boundary-pushing looks, swinging from skin-tight spandex leotards to slashed tank tops on stage.

Since the seventies, his fashion choices have mellowed slightly, but his eclectic sense of style hasn’t changed, and you’ll still find the rocker performing in all kinds of statement suit jackets, even at 76.

Here are a few style tips to pick up from the most rebellious man in rock.

1. Make your shirts as romantic as possible
Earlier in his career, Jagger was a fan of pushing the gender envelope, wearing big, billowy blouses with romantic ruffles. In fact, the rocker famously took to the stage at Hyde Park in 1969 wearing a white bishop-sleeved dress made by Mr Fish, the menswear designer credited with ushering in the ‘peacock revolution’ in men’s style.

2. Accessorise with a neck scarf
These days, it’s not often you see men in silk neck scarves (the kind your nan probably liked to wear), but seeing clips of Jagger rocking them in the seventies, alongside a shrunken denim jacket and skinny tee, makes us wonder why they aren’t more popular.

3. Be your own biggest fan
Jagger can wear practically anything, mainly because he has seemingly unfaltering self-confidence – no more so than when wearing his own band merch. Bold, but brilliant.

4. Flared suits are the ultimate rock star staple
In the Marianne Faithfull years, the Stones frontman was often photographed wearing an array of incredible suits from Savile Row cutter Edward Sexton. Combining impeccable tailoring, suit trousers relaxed at the ankle and a ruffled tuxedo shirt, it’s one of his standout seventies looks.

5. Let your suit jacket do the talking
Jagger’s style has matured with age, but he hasn’t let his stage presence become boring. His stellar array of statement suit jackets, featuring baroque and animal prints, remind us that not being afraid to be feminine can be the most masculine move of all.

6. Make your t-shirts super tight
Before skinny jeans became popular, Jagger established himself as a new kind of sex symbol, thanks to his tighter-than-tight clothing. He could make a simple tee look cool, thanks to his trademark shrunken style and feather haircut.

7. A leather jacket is your best friend
At the height of his career, Jagger’s wardrobe was a kaleidoscope of colour – nobody could really predict what he’d wear next. However, a few key wardrobe staples he has worn time and again. Case in point: the leather jacket – from battered bikers, primary coloured versions and ones adorned with harlequin prints.Just like Jagger himself, a good biker jacket is as timeless as it is iconic.

What do you think about these looks? Have you ever tried to recreate any?

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