Regardless of our budget, we all love to look stylish. YourLifeChoices has done all the hard work to share the latest trends and how they can work for you, so you can look great for less. 

Need to know simple shopping rule

A savvy shopper holds some shopping bags

Need to know simple shopping rule

Here’s how to never make a shopping mistake again thanks to the 3-7-14 rule.

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How to iron clothes without ironing

How do you iron a cotton shirt without lifting an iron?

How to iron clothes without ironing

Discover how to iron cotton garments without putting iron to ironing board.

Six tips to look better in photos

woman in photo

Six tips to look better in photos

Bearing in mind these few small changes, you’ll be looking better in photos in no ...

Pantone’s colour of the year is here

Pantone colour of the year Greenery

Pantone’s colour of the year is here

We’re not sold on Greenery but Lapis Blue and Pale Dogwood are doable.

Three new ways to shop second-hand

Vintage second hand clothes hanging on shop rack

Three new ways to shop second-hand

Discover five high-tech ways to buy second-hand and save.


Do you know your personal style?

Our style is part of what make us unique, but how do you work out which is yours?

Put the U in uniform

Fix the fit of your denim

While your jeans may fit like a glove when you buy them they rarely stay that way.

Get good jeans

This will make your clothes look better

Here’s how to find out once and for all what your actual body shape is so you can dress for it.

Apples and Pears


Specs that won't break the bank

Sally Field is just one of the celebs who looks fabulous in glasses.

Sexy specsy!

Choose the right handbag – part 2

The second installment of our helpful guide to choosing the right handbag.

Bag the right one

How to choose the right handbag

Some handy hints on the art of choosing the right handbag for every occasion.

In the bag


The most popular nail polish colours

How many of these top 10 bestselling OPI shades have you tried before?

Nailed it

Five tricks for wet hair

Styling your hair straight after showering doesn’t have to take too much time and effort.

Wet hair, don’t care

The best style in the world to steal

Fresh-faced and the queen of chic and classic style, this 49-year-old knows how to wow.

Crown Julia

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