Regardless of our budget, we all love to look stylish. YourLifeChoices has done all the hard work to share the latest trends and how they can work for you, so you can look great for less.

How to copy Kate's casual looks

The stylish royal rarely puts a fashion foot wrong.

Should we stop using sheet masks?

Many retailers are no longer stocking this hugely popular skincare product.

How to tell if you're wearing the right bra size

Research reveals that most of us are wearing the wrong size.

Fabulous ABBA outfits we'd still wear today

The iconic Swedish band is reuniting for the first new album in 40 years.

Is professional strength skincare worth splurging on?

Cosmeceutical skincare can come with a hefty price tag. Is it worth it?

Why we need to stop telling women to 'dress their age'

A survey reveals even 20-somethings are being shamed for their fashion choices.

How to shop for clothes more ethically

Change your habits and shop with a conscience, one purchase at a time.

How to look after your skin microbiome

What is your skin microbiome, and can skincare products play a part?

Skin Advisor is Australia's first free online skin consultation

Personalised skincare advice and product recommendations in less than one minute.

TV icon Kim Cattrall's style evolution

The Liverpool-born actor is known for her fabulous style.

Thinking of using botox? Here's what to consider first

How to judge whether these procedures are right for you.

What is retinol? Is it anti-ageing's gold standard for skincare?

Skincare can be a convoluted puzzle.

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