Regardless of our budget, we all love to look stylish. YourLifeChoices has done all the hard work to share the latest trends and how they can work for you, so you can look great for less.

11 fashionable women in suits

From Katharine Hepburn to Janelle Monae, this is how you nail tailoring.

How to make scars less visible

Reduce the appearance of scars.

What you need to know before getting a fringe

Don't go in for the chop without reading these top tips.

Inject some colour into your wardrobe

Notice the impact wearing colour has on how you feel.

How to ... care for winter skin

Is your skin feeling tight, irritated, perhaps flaking or just generally looking dull? Say hello

Seven of the most stylish celebrities over 70

Fearlessly fashionable celebrities.

The beauty gadgets celebrities swear by

From smart masks to toning devices, are beauty gadgets more than a fad?

Vivienne Westwood at 80: Her most mind-blowing fashion moments

Ms Westwood is largely responsible for bringing new wave fashions into mainstream.

Kate and Will's best style moments

Key looks that turned heads.

Six tips to look better in photos

While some people may love the camera, photos are not everyone's best friend.

How to switch your skincare routine from summer to winter

Swapping a few beauty staples can get your skin glowing year-round.

Why scalp health is a big beauty trend

From clarifying shampoos to head massages.

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