Trending cuts and colours for over-40s

We asked hair wizard Amy Gaudie about the latest trends in mature locks and the most sought-after hairstyles and colours that she’s seeing. She also provides us with tips and tricks to nail home hair care no matter your style – yes, even if you have on-trend pink hues in your hair and/or haven’t been allowed to have a haircut for many weeks – yes, that’s you Melburnians. Amy shares these inspirations.

Jane – ‘Peach Bob’
Creating pastels is my favourite way to personalise a classic cut such as a bob, or even adding a peek-a-boo undercut to add a little edge! I do these colours regularly for my natural grey-haired clients as it really helps when the regrowth comes through.

Step one would be to pre-lighten the hair, step two is to apply the pastel toner. The great thing about using pastel shades is that you can literally change the colour every appointment, whether that be pink, peach, purple or pale blue. To maintain these colours at home, I recommend a personalised coloured mask that contains direct dye. I would recommend heading into the salon every six to eight weeks to maintain the colour and style.

Connie – ‘Short Pixie’
The secret to the perfect pixie cut is keeping it soft and feminine with wispy-like texture. There are a couple of must-dos with this one! Regular cuts, four to six weeks maximum, are essential, as well as using products to emphasise the texture. Pixies are super simple to style – all you need are your fingers and a hairdryer.

First, add a blow-drying spray, something that adds texture and body but is still lightweight. Once the hair is dry, finish it with a paste – nothing too stiff as you want your hair to feel natural but still have enough hold. I like to keep the colour simple when the hair is short so that it’s not over-complicated. Either super-fine foils or a shoe-shine technique is perfect for a natural enhancement.

Andy – ‘Short and Fun Asymmetrical Cut’
Working with someone’s natural texture is amazing. Why not make short hair fun and use what you already have? Embrace your curls, take away areas that are difficult. For example, make it shorter around the back so you don’t have to worry about it and leave length where you find it easy to manage – whether that’s scrunch blow-drying or using a straightening iron/tong to create big, bouncy movement.

Super hydrated curls make for the best-defined curls. When adding colour to curly hair I prefer to make it more lived in, so you can’t see obvious regrowth lines as it grows out. Using multi-tones is perfect to achieve this.

Joanna – ‘Blonde Bixie’
Having short hair can be so much fun, and super versatile in shape. However, shorter hair can be high maintenance. I recommend four to six-weekly appointments to keep your hair in perfect shape. Styling your hair can be easy using a simple Denman Brush to stretch and smooth your hair.

I prep the hair with a gel that plumps and defines the texture in the haircut. This will still give you a smooth and shiny finish. Once the hair is dry, spray with a dry shampoo. Adding colour variation to this kind of hairstyle will really be defined and add dimension.

Sunny – ‘Long Blonde’
The key to keeping your hair long is simple – you have to look after it! A great home care regime is a must. Silver shampoo is also essential to keep out the brassy tones. Luxe oil is my other go-to. It helps repair split ends and nourish the hair. All of these make a huge difference in keeping your blonde locks beautiful at home. I also recommend regular appointments – between five and 10 weeks, depending on your shade of blonde and technique. Foils can be up to 10 weeks apart while all over blondes should be five weeks apart.

Do those styles inspire you to make a change?

Rebecca O’Hearn has had a long career as a fashion and beauty editor at Yours, Woman’s Day and FHM magazines and has styled some of Australia’s most famous faces. Her mission now is to help women of all ages feel confident that their wardrobe and beauty choices are the best they can be. Her website is packed with fashion, beauty and styling tips. This article first appeared here.

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