The `70s trends we can’t believe are back – and those we still love

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Flares. Jumpsuits. Big furs. Big glasses. Big hair! Everything BIG. When you first think back to `70s fashion you may cringe and swear you will never return to those fads. But once you look closer, there are subtle versions of the trends that are present today.

Many young girls are fully embracing psychedelic hippie styles but let’s just say, going full throttle into the `70s probably isn’t for most of us. Overly layered prairie blouses, boiler suits, ultra-long centre-parted hair and extreme wide belts can be seen on catwalks, but it’s fair to say, many of us won’t go near them. And as one commenter noted, shirred fabric is no longer our friend!

That doesn’t mean signals of the 1970s don’t exist in many popular and very wearable styles today. Here are our picks of the `70s-inspired trends that we’re loving right now.

Jumpsuits. While ‘boiler suits’ are in with the kids, they’re not for everyone. We prefer a softer silhouette and one that gently nips where needed or loosely skims other areas.

If you’re not feeling confident about your jumpsuit, then black is always best. Adding a belt simply makes it look like two pieces if you’re feeling really unsure. Image: Pinterest

The extra-wide legs work because they’re balanced by the angled top half but have definition in the middle. Image Pinterest Advanced Style

This absolutely joyful jumpsuit is great for this gorgeous petite blogger because of the ankle crop and high neckline. They have lengthening powers! Image Pinterest Pocketful of Polkadots

Wide leg pants. Fifty years ago they were extreme bellbottoms or superflares. The vibe is still around today just in more sedated versions. Phew.

This look is absolute class. A simple, monochrome, classic look – outstanding in voluminous shapes. Image: Pinterest

If you’re short, you may want to consider heeled wedges to avoid being swamped by the excess fabric of your wide-leg pants. Image Pinterest Unefemme

You can’t deny how comfortable wide-leg pants are and coupled with a loose diagonal cut hem top like this, you will be swinging in style. Image Pinterest: Susan After 60

Corduroy. Aah … that distinctive sound as you walk while wearing corduroy pants. While we won’t be wearing head-to-toe in this fabric any time soon, we love this texture incorporated into a smart winter wardrobe.

A classic button-up skirt with burgundy cord. A gorgeous double `70s vibe. Image Pinterest 50 Is Not Old

This tan, almost western style, corduroy has never left fashionistas’ wardrobes since its first incarnation. Image Pinterest:

Fur baby yeah. Trends are definitely not returning to genuine fur any time soon, but lush faux furs are forever in vogue. We love them most when paired with casual wear like denim and ankle boots versus dressed up all fancy like. But hey, it still looks great that way too.

Distressed denim juxtaposed by elegant fur, brilliant. Image Pinterest: Style at a Certain Age

Oversized glasses. Big glasses likely became popular to balance out the big hair and we’re not complaining at all. To this day, there is nothing quite as chic as statement, oversized glasses. We’ve seen different versions over the years and love them all.

The one. The only. Iris Apfel wouldn’t be the same without her huge eyewear. Image Pinterest

Model Linda Rodin is well known for her `70s-inspired look. It’s her signature decade and she blends modernity with her outfits with ease and grace. Image Pinterest

Did you love the `70s fashions? Have you revisited some styles? What are your favourites? And what were the worst?

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Rebecca O’Hearn has had a long career as a fashion and beauty editor at Yours, Woman’s Day and FHM magazines and has styled some of Australia’s most famous faces. Her mission now is to help women of all ages feel confident that their wardrobe and beauty choices are the best they can be. Her website is packed with fashion, beauty and styling tips.

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Written by Rebecca O’Hearn


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  1. 0

    Love some of the “old fashions. Not sure if I would want to wear a sedated jumpsuit. Would it eject me if it suddenly came round?

  2. 0

    These so-called Fashion experts have some strange memories.
    Were you actually there Rebecca?
    Normal people never wore anything like most of these examples.

    I remember the seventies “real world clothing” as being very minimalist, with both males and females (yes Rebecca, us blokes were around in the seventies too) wearing the same uniform 99% of the time, consisting of Denim Jeans (generally straight-leg NOT flares), T-shirt, and Sandals or Thongs (never called flip-flops).

    I only ever owned 1 pair of “flares” which I only wore when playing bass guitar in the band. But I think that was actually in the sixties and possibly the very early seventies.

    I know all this because I still dress exactly the same most of the time (except for the battle jackets). And my hair (what’s left of it) is still parted in the middle and falls down over my shoulders. My wife is the one with the shorter hair.

    If it got cold you added a Denim or Corduroy Battle Jacket. (Nobody ever seemed to have problems with chilled kidneys back then).

    That’s how I remember it as a kid from Liverpool (the Aussie one) who turned 20 in 1974.

  3. 0

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