Get sweet feet for summer

While there’s never a shortage of information and advice about getting your body in shape for summer, rarely do feet get a look in.

Before you bare you sole (get it) for the world to see, make sure your feet are fit for the occasion. There’s nothing worse than flaky skin, discoloured nails or chipped polish, so follow our five summer tips to make sure your feet are always looking (and smelling) sweet. We’ve even included some fabulous summer sandals to help you show off your new best assets!

     1. Trim those toenails
There’s nothing quite as frightening as when your toenails are looking more like talons. Use proper nail clippers to cut them straight across and keep them relatively short. Make sure you don’t cut them down at the corners as this can lead to ingrown nails.

     2. Soften that skin
Use a foot file, emery board or pumice stone to gently rub away the hard or cracked skin around the heels. Once removed, apply a rich moisturising cream to soften the skin.

     3. Say goodbye to sweat
According to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, the average pair of feet produce 280ml of sweat per day. To minimise sweat follow a simple footcare routine of gently washing and moisturising your feet daily or each morning and night. Use a mild soap and warm water before rinsing well and drying thoroughly, especially between the toes to avoid infection.

Letting your feet breathe as much as possible is also a good idea. Wear sandals when you can and bare feet are best when you’re at home.  If you’re wearing socks choose a natural fibre like cotton and make sure you change them everyday to prevent odours from building up.

Similarly, alternating shoes daily is a good idea as it allows them to dry out between wears.

     4. Banish blisters
Blisters are a common problem caused when shoes start to rub, leading to fluid building up between layers of the skin to act as a buffer and prevent further damage. 

Where possible, try not to put a bandaid over any blister to allow it to dry out on its own and avoid wearing that particular shoe while your blister heals – you don’t want to make it worse!

     5. Perfect that polish
Cracked nail polish looks worse than no nail polish. Whether you choose to go natural or not, make sure your toenails are in good condition. If you don’t like to wear coloured nail polish ensure your nails aren’t discoloured (if they are, it might be best to opt for a light nude coloured polish) and consider putting a clear coat of strengthening polish on them so they don’t appear dry or brittle.

If you prefer to embrace summer with some colour, whatever shade you choose, make sure you maintain your polish. When it starts to crack or flake remove it all and repaint your toes or touch up individual toenails as you need to. Keeping your polish perfect is not only pretty but means you have more chances to try out new colours!

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Top five summer sandals

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