High end for high street

The latest fashion collaboration has just been announced and it’s worth writing home about.

High end for high street

Start saving for a rainy, or, rather, a sunny, day in November because the latest (and affordable) fashion collaboration has just been announced.

It’s all the rage at the moment: a high-end designer be producing a range of clothing for a high street brand. Such is the case with Balmain for H&M.

The collaboration was announced at the Billboard Music Awards in the US, models Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn being dressed head to toe in the previously unseen collection.

The great news, on first peek, is that the pieces from the French fashion house are imminently wearable at any age and life stage, and are designed to flatter most body shapes and sizes. Think statement jackets featuring the signature military brocade and embellished long-sleeve knit tops.

Available in 250 stores around the world, the collection features clothing and accessories for men and women.

The bad news? The range won’t be released until 5 November this year, although, perhaps, we need those full three months to save.

Do you like it when high-end designers do more affordable collaborations with high-street retailers?


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    31st Jul 2015
    I've always leaned on the conservative side of clothes and have found if you want your attire to remain fashionable a bit longer than this is the way to go. My wife says she can certainly tell the womens' brand name stuff from that which isn't, and has some herself, but I can't and only look at the wearer. If you're looking for well made casual mens' clobber at a very reasonable price, go no further than Big W - great variety and value for money. Good luck.
    Happy cyclist
    31st Jul 2015
    Oh please, this is just more advertising dressed up as information.
    31st Jul 2015
    Yes, it does look a bit that way, but revenue to run a website has to come from somewhere.
    fish head
    1st Aug 2015
    Good luck finding something for the older woman in H&M or larger than Size 16. I have had the chance to browse H&M in Edinburgh quite a few times while visiting. Sometimes it was just that, a browse, but a couple of times I was scouting for a particular article. No luck, ever.Each time I left I took the impression of small sizes, miserable selection of colours (ok black is fashionable, maybe)and the feeling that the stock was aimed at anyone under 25 with money to spend.Dreary is what comes to mind and this was not just a single visit but over a few years.M&S fell into the same trap and paid for it.

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