Choosing the right white jeans for spring and summer

The answer is in the selection process. Stylist Peta Rooney tells us how to choose.

Yes or no to white jeans?

Up until now, white jeans have been a no-no for me. I’ve always worried that they would draw too much attention to my thighs and my butt. I was concerned they were too ‘young’ for me.

Being a confirmed Melburnian through and through, black is my colour of choice every time –usually head to toe, along and with a great scarf to accessorise!

As we all know, black absorbs heat, whereas white reflects heat, which is why you see so much white clothing in the hotter climates, and why white works so well in sunny Queensland, or those glorious Greek islands, such as Santorini, or the Cote d’Azur in the south of France.

I see many of my friends in their mid-60s wearing white jeans, along with their much younger children. The younger ones will have rips and tears in their ‘skinny-style’, tight jeans, whereas my friends tend to wear a more classic style.

It’s important that your white jeans fit well, look stylish and don’t look like they belong to your daughter. So I recommend a clean finish to your white jeans like this one from Jag. A classic slim straight leg with belt loops and the 5-pocket finish.

The white jean is incredibly versatile as it can be dressed up by slipping on a sexy ankle boot and then adding a colourful silk-look shirt. Even during the cooler months, you can tuck your jeans into your boots, then layer up with a chunky jacket and a striped roll-neck sweater if you are after comfort and warmth.

These white jeans with a mid rise fit and straight leg make a great canvas for this long-sleeved printed blouse.

Most of the white jeans available on the market are made from cotton and elastane, which give a little stretch and movement, but if you want a super comfort fit with elastic-waisted jeans, then you should take a look at this one from Sussan. As with all jeans, they are quite simple to look after as they wash up really well, and the elastane helps the jeans retain their shape.

Are you a jeans person? Are you comfortable wearing white jeans? Will you be more comfortable now?



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    7th Sep 2018
    Wish I could fit into a class slim straight leg in anything!
    7th Sep 2018
    Yes, but what’s the drum on men wearing white jeans? I wear white shorts, no problem, but always a bit wary, wearing white jeans, unless your a Bowler or Cricket player! what do you reckon fashion guru? :-)
    7th Sep 2018
    White overalls are OK too - means work is about to start!
    7th Sep 2018
    Don't wear white jeans - but half my summer wardrobe is white pants - slim, wide, capri...Love it!
    7th Sep 2018
    I have a feeling that the author isn't trying to survive on a pension. $119 for a pair of jeans from Jag? That's about a fortnight's worth of groceries for me !
    7th Sep 2018
    White leans are okay but be careful of the underwear. They do not look so good with dark underwear or, horror, polka dots. Sometimes makes me wonder what some people are thinking about when they select their undies.
    8th Sep 2018
    How ridiculous wearing all black. No wonder so many people are killed crossing the road at night when they are invisible in black.

    9th Sep 2018
    Only skinny women shud wear white jeans - they look hot !!!

    Well actually fat women don't look good no matter what they wear
    5th Oct 2018
    The same could be said for men but it is unnecessary and unkind to comment on another person's size.

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