Men’s Sheds benefit from government grants

Minister invites men’s sheds to apply for $5 million in grants.

Man working in shed

The Government has granted men’s sheds a total of $400,000 to help boost the health and wellbeing of men in their communities.

“To mark Men’s Shed Week, I am delighted to announce that under round 17 of the National Shed Development Program, 104 sheds received grants for various activities and projects,” said Health Minister Greg Hunt.

The funding is for health improvement activities, the purchase of tools and equipment, community projects and training, and for building maintenance.

“Men are often the last ones to make their health and wellbeing a priority. It’s imperative that we do what we can to ensure they get the support they need and deserve,” Mr Hunt said.

“Feeling part of a social group is important to our emotional and mental health and men’s sheds provide men with an opportunity for companionship and support within their community.”

The Government is investing $5.1 million over three years to the men’s sheds movement.

All venues that meet the definition of a men’s shed are eligible to apply for funding, and grants are awarded on a competitive basis up to a total of $10,000, with priority given to sheds in disadvantaged areas.

A men’s shed can be a purpose-built facility, a multipurpose community or private building or shared space used on a regular basis for the purposes of a men’s shed.

Are you a member of a men’s shed? If so, has being a member helped your health and wellbeing? In what way?



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    Swinging voter
    27th Sep 2018
    How very noble: $400,000 towards men's sheds. Hilarious in contrast to the amount of money poured into the myriad of women's "causes". IMO men are a forgotten species. Despite the vast majority being decent fathers, brothers, sons and spouses they are, as a gender, pilloried and humiliated at almost every turn. Hooray for the $400,000 and good for the men who find consolation when they are able to gather together in a shed, but how long will it be before the feminazis start screaming "discrimination", stop designating the sheds for men, we have to be included and where's our sheds.
    27th Sep 2018
    We started a Men's Shed in the town where I live. Most females were very supportive but a few asked what about the women? When told that it was for men they objected! Also told them that they were welcome but that it was a Men's Shed and they must accept the consequences if they did turn up because it was intended to be a male environment and no allowance would be made for women.
    27th Sep 2018
    Oh so true swinging vote.
    What a cheap so and so (Greg Hunt). When you thinks of the millions and indeed billions this Government gives to other causes ;this Government can only grant a lousy $400,000 for such a worthwhile project as Men's Sheds.
    27th Sep 2018
    It does seem a puny amount.
    27th Sep 2018
    Did you not read the statement:

    "The Government is investing $5.1 million over three years to the men’s sheds movement".

    A not excessive amount I grant you, but far more than the $400,000 in this particular release.
    Not a Bludger
    27th Sep 2018
    What a politically correct absolute feel good rubbish waste of my tax paid money.
    28th Sep 2018
    Winging Voter I have to totally agree with you … and for that reason I've joined a lot of facebook Men's support groups. .. everything from bodily health to mental health, support for homeless men, Access to children... and that other crap about Men being perverts and "all men are rapists: … The sad point is the feminists just don't seem to understand .;.if you goad a lion long enough, it will strike back... and there is growing evidence that this is going to happen /// mens marches, Bettina Arndt, Rob Tiller .. google any of this information and get in and support them