Australia ranks high for retirement

The fourth annual Natixis Global Retirement Index report was released this week. The report rates 43 of the world’s most important developed counties individually on health, quality of life, material wellbeing and finances in retirement, to determine each country’s Global Retirement Index (GRI) score.

The retirement leaders, with scores of 77 per cent or better were Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, New Zealand, Sweden, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Canada. Australia ranked a respectable sixth, the same position as last year.  

The countries achieving the lowest scores were Greece, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, China, Spain, Cyprus, Mexico, Portugal and India. As a comparison, all of these countries scored below 57 per cent on the GRI, with India recording the lowest score of just 12 per cent.

Strong performances in the happiness and air quality indicators helped to improve Australia’s quality of life ranking, while stellar performances in governance, interest rates and bank non-performing loans drove up the finances in retirement rankings. As a result, although Australia’s ranking remained the same, our overall score for the year increased.

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