Australians tired of rigged system

The latest Ipsos survey results reveal that Australians believe the system favours the wealthy at the expense of ordinary people and that a strong leader is needed to take back the country.

The global survey of 16,069 adults from 22 countries revealed widespread distrust of politicians and the system in general, with 68 per cent of Australians believing that “the economy is rigged to the advantage of the rich and powerful” and 61 per cent saying that “traditional parties and politicians don’t care about people like me”.

“[In Australia] the increase of support for Pauline Hanson and her party in the previous election certainly supports that,” said Ipsos Social Research Institute Director David Elliott.

Politicians are not the only group of people that Australians distrust, as proven by the 60 per cent of respondents who said that “experts in this country don’t understand the lives of people like me”.

While the research reveals that Australians believe in the system itself, the general consensus is that politicians and experts are working against the best interests of ordinary Australians, or don’t understand their situation. However, 38 per cent of Australians believe that “my generation will have had a worse life than my parents’ generation”, which is far below the global average of 43 per cent. Furthermore, 37 per cent of people believe that “this country needs to take more steps to protect itself from today’s world”.


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The ordinary Australian is all too happy to pay taxes to support and enhance this great country, but how can anyone have trust in a system where some of the largest companies in the world pay little to no tax and wealthy Australians are caught shifting money offshore to avoid tax?

The Panama Papers and a recent Federal Government case against Google are two prime examples of high net worth individuals and large corporations making money from our economy without paying a fair share. The problem seems to have become so bad that 61 per cent of Ipsos survey respondents believe that the traditional parties and politicians don’t even care about people.

All any one person can ask for in life is a fair go. Even this seems too much to ask at this stage of the political cycle.

What do you think? Are you receiving a fair go? Is the current Federal Government putting in place the correct measures to improve your situation? Is Malcolm Turnbull the right leader to ‘take back the country’? Who could you see being that leader?

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