Best and worst tourism slogans

Many countries rely solely on tourism to support themselves, and their slogan is the brand that brings in the bucks.

There are some doozies in here. Jordan’s ‘Yes. It’s Jordan’ is one, so too is Israel’s ‘Land of creation’ and Hungary’s ‘Think Hungary more than expected’ – maybe that one was lost in translation. But the real ‘what the’ slogan has to be Syria with ‘Always beautiful’. Hmmm … Go figure.

Here’s the full map. Click it to see it at full size.

Earlier this week, I asked the YourLifeChoices crew to choose their favourite travel slogans – and then I asked them to come up with one of their own. Now, don’t take it too seriously, we were having a bit of fun with it. And no, we won’t give up our day jobs.

Best: Georgia – For the best moments of your life
Suggested slogan: Tuvalu – See us before we sink

Best: Malta – Truly Mediterranean
Suggested slogan: Scotland – Feel the wind beneath your kilt

Best: East Timor – Being first has its rewards
Suggested slogan: Iran – Never mind the neighbours

Best: Tanzania – The land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti
Suggested slogan: China – Made in China

Best: Netherlands – The original cool
Suggested slogan: Chile – But only in winter

Best: Myanmar – Let the journey begin
Suggested slogan: Australia – When we learn to welcome refugees, then we’ll be truly hospitable

Best: Argentina – Beats to your rhythm
Suggested slogan: Kenya – Of course you can!

Best: The Bahamas – Life is grand
Suggested slogan: Yemen – Yeah, man!

Best: Jamaica – Get all right
Suggested slogan: Russia – Not hard to trump

Best: Colombia – Colombia is magical realism
Suggested slogan: Micronesia – Size isn’t everything

Best: Croatia – Full of life
Suggested slogan: England – Best enjoyed with tea

Which is your favourite tourism slogan? Which of our ‘missed opportunities’ do you like? What do you think Australia’s national tourism slogan is ‘There’s NOTHING like Australia’ – what do you think it should be? Or are you happy with the one we have?

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