Countries with a kidnapping risk

Today’s world can be quite a dangerous place. And for some, these are desperate times. Which is why kidnappers sometimes target tourists, so that they can request ransom money from their families and make a living from crime.

Here are the seven top countries where you are most likely to be kidnapped according to

7. Venezuela
Shortages of basic goods such as water, food, medicine and electricity has led to the country having one of the highest crime rates in the world; armed robbery, murder, kidnapping and carjacking are all common throughout Venezuela. It is estimated that around 2000 people are kidnapped every year, but the Venezuelan government stopped reporting statistics from 2005.

6. Colombia
Colombia isn’t as dangerous as it once was, although visiting the country still poses quite a risk for the odd foreign traveller. While the country can be safe if you stick to the tourist hotspots, wandering too far from the beaten track risk increases your significantly. Kidnappers in Colombia mainly target wealthier looking tourists, so dress down.

5. The Philippines
Kidnappings are common throughout the Sulu Archipelago and the southern Sulu Sea. Foreigners are often the targets of these kidnappings. Steer clear of these areas, and you’ll be much safer.

4. India
From kidnapping tourists to kidnapping women and children, India has it covered. Kidnappers aren’t particularly well-organised, so ransoms are usually pretty low.

3. Brazil
Major cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo are the most popular areas for kidnapping. Kidnappers work hard to target rich people, particularly tourists. It is always a good idea to adjust your appearance and do away with any showy items.

2. Haiti
Kidnappers are a lot less picky in Haiti. Just looking less wealthy will not guarantee your protection in Haiti. The country is fine if you stay in your resort, but if you venture beyond the tourism safe zones, you may really be putting yourself at risk.

1. Mexico
Top of the list of countries where you are most likely to be kidnapped is Mexico. Organised crime is rife and tourists are always an attractive target. You may want to especially steer clear of areas such as Tijuana, Juarez or Tampico.

Have you ever travelled to any of these countries? What was your experience?

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