Friday Flash Poll: Do you care about climate change?

Take part in our Friday Flash Poll and let us know your thoughts about climate change.

Friday Flash Poll: Do you care about climate change?

The big news this week was the dire warning issued by scientists on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that we have 12 years before we reach a global warming tipping point, after which we all face significantly increased risks of drought, floods, extreme heat, population shifting and poverty.

Climate scientists say we need to ensure global temperatures do not rise more than 1.5°C, because beyond that it will be catastrophic. The authors of the IPCC report released on Monday say urgent changes are needed to address climate change, which they say are affordable and feasible.

“It’s a line in the sand and what it says to our species is that this is the moment and we must act now,” said Debra Roberts, who worked on the report.

“This is the largest clarion bell from the science community and I hope it mobilises people and dents the mood of complacency.”

A clarion call it may be, but one that has seemingly fallen on deaf ears in the Australian Government.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack insists that Australia should “absolutely” continue to burn coal, despite the IPCC’s dire warnings on carbon emissions. He said government policy would not change “just because somebody might suggest that some sort of report is the way we need to follow and everything that we should do”.

He also freely admitted that he hadn’t even read the IPCC report. Nor was reading the report a priority for our Environment Minister Melissa Price who believes that it was designed to inform policymakers but was not “policy prescriptive”.

And yet these are the people responsible for making decisions based on Australia’s future – a future which, according to climate scientists, is in jeopardy should we not act to thwart global warming.

The Coalition seems hellbent on favouring coal-fired power over renewables, which for now may be necessary if we, in the words of treasurer Josh Frydenberg, wish to keep the lights on across the east coast of Australia.

What is particularly perplexing is the claim that the Government is “supportive of small business, of industry, of farms, and of coalmining”.

Have they been inland to see the effects of drought on our farmers? Surely, if supporting farmers is a priority, addressing the very issue that is a major contributor to their woes would be prudent?

Quite possibly the biggest hurdles for most policymakers is the cost of setting up reliable renewable power sources. But shouldn’t that ‘bump’ be seen as an investment in our future?

You have to save to buy a house, then extend your line of credit in order to purchase it. After years of paying it off, it becomes your most valuable asset and, eventually, you’ll be able to live without high overheads.

Wouldn’t it be wise to view setting up renewables the same way? After all, the world is our house.

Yes, this all may sound naïve, and the reality is that we’re already paying through the nose for coal and gas fuelled energy, so implementing more expensive (in the short term) power sources is not a desirable option. I sure as hell don’t want to pay more for power. But I also want a world in which our children can live and thrive.

IPCC scientists admit this is not an easy decision, but it’s one we need to make.

“We have presented governments with pretty hard choices. We have pointed out the enormous benefits of keeping to 1.5°C, and also the unprecedented shift in energy systems and transport that would be needed to achieve that,” said scientist Jim Skea.

“We show it can be done within laws of physics and chemistry. Then the final tick box is political will. We cannot answer that. Only our audience can – and that is the governments that receive it.”

The Government claims it is comfortable with Australia’s emissions reduction trajectory, even though there is contradictory evidence that emissions are increasing.

It seems the gap between science and politics is widening, and public opinion is the only way to bridge it. Do you think enough is being done to address climate change? Do you even care?

It’s a common belief that older Australians don’t care about climate change, because they won’t be around to suffer the consequences. Is this true? Why not take part in our Friday Flash Poll and let us know your thoughts?



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    12th Oct 2018
    It seems that our Pollies are in the dark but don`t want us to be.........
    12th Oct 2018
    It seems our Pollies are only interested the corporations and wealthy that influence them. They think the general public are powerless and distracted to notice.
    12th Oct 2018
    It was interesting reading the results. Mainly supporters of changing what we have but disappointing that some 'do not believe'. Ok....I understand that the government posters here will support the destruction of our planet as long as they are paid for their services. Some things never change.
    12th Oct 2018
    Very disappointing that there are still so many denialists of climate change seeking to misinform and quote denialist websites. People need to use legitimate peer - reviewed scientific sources and not the denialist industry sources, which, like the coal industry are pushing a self - serving agenda.

    If they have no interest in preserving the planet for future generations, and are just interested in short term enrichment, they should get out of the way and let the adults take action. That equally applies to the denialist LNP government, who are an international embarrassment and malfeasant in government. Governments surely have an obligation to keep their citizens safe. By not doing so, it amounts to criminality, as the Dutch government was emphatically told this week by its Courts in the Hague. Moving now to the Courts around the world, it appears to be necessary.
    12th Oct 2018
    I am glad that our pollies don`t want us to be in the dark even though most assuredly are
    12th Oct 2018
    I care about it and I was well briefed about it by the real climatolgists who were around before Al Gore and other bandwaggoners moved in on the act. They were right but they (the real climatologists) have now been cowed ito silence by bandwaggoners who have hijacked their discipline.

    In the menatime the predictions of the alarmists have turned out to be comprehensively wrong.

    When this started, anyone disagreeing with the alarmists was accused of being in the pay of ExxonMobil. That company is now heavily invested in renewables and actively campaigning against Trump's plans to revive the US coal industry.

    A peak of about 1.5 to 2 degrees celsius is going to happen anyway (that's what the real climatologists said all along) and CO2 emissions (which have rocketed since the alarmists told us they needed to fall immediately to avert imminent disaster) will have only a tiny effect.

    Interesting that most of the arguments (on the rare occasions you're allowed to have one) are about peak temerature. After a peak you get (by definition) a decline - that's what to worry about.

    There are many good reasons to worry about CO2 levels (also fossil fuels eventually running out and the world's dependency on the middle east and the resulting conflicts) - climate is not one of them
    12th Oct 2018
    Well said adbob,
    Our bushfires and other countries volcanic eruptions cancel out most of the savings if not all
    12th Oct 2018
    Our real problem is the population explosion - you can see it here: We have more pollution in our big cities than 40 years ago when we were burning more fossil fuel.
    Climate changers are a huge industry, mostly pushing pens, compiling statistics and organising protests.
    12th Oct 2018
    Well said adbob.

    It's also worth noting that human CO2 emissions of about 5.5Gigatons/year are totally INSIGNIFICANT when compared to NATURAL CO2 emissions of 227 Gigatons/year.

    It's impossible for human emissions of 2.4% of total CO2 emissions to affect atmospheric levels.

    Atmospheric CO2 levels are totally determined by NATURAL porocesses such as warming oceans outgassing and rotting vegetation.
    Any effort by humanity to "limit CO2 levels" is FUTILE because we ghave no control over the levels.

    Mother nature controls atmospheric CO2 levels not humanity. Human contribution is negligible. Climate scientist prof Salby, author of “Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics”, explains the real reason for rising CO2 levels!

    Climate Scientist Prof Salby Explains Why The Rise In Atmospheric CO2 Is Driven 99.9% By Natural Processes, MAINLY SURFACE TEMPERATURE! Relatively Tiny Human Emissions Insignificant

    Climate Scientists Professor Salby Demolishes A Climate Crock “The CO2 Rise is All Manmade”
    12th Oct 2018
    Watched a documentary about the royals and saw Camilla and Charles in India.....could not believe the pollution.

    Unless and until India and other heavy polluters do someting nothing will change and what we do will have little impact if any and natural disasters will negate any changes we do make.

    Unless all countries are on board what is the point!
    12th Oct 2018
    Absolutely agree with you
    13th Oct 2018
    Adbob this is what I am talking about! But what is the agenda by the panic stricken , the climate doomsdayers?

    We do not get a decent debate, because of what you said.

    Its like hating something because its fashionable, like Trump, the putrid hatred of this fellow has me baffled, and I don't know anything about him but his country has less UNemployment and its economy is getting better?
    14th Oct 2018

    Sadly we live in an age of identity politics where the virtue-signallers don't really understand the issues.

    A classic example was all the snowflakes protesting when Trump got elected - supposedly because he was an extreme right-winger. They must not have noticed the rest of the Republican party, compared with whom Trump is a moderate.

    And of course (to use our terminology) a drover's dog could have beaten Hilary Clinton.

    In fact if the Democrats had run one they might have won.
    12th Oct 2018
    I would like to hear more about advertised 'Clean Coal'. Also, stop the media constantly lying and fooling the public showing films of Power Station Cooling Towers that are only emitting Steam. Simply media BS implying the steam is smoke
    12th Oct 2018
    the vaunted HELE coal fired power stations, still emit 75 percent of current emissions, so not really clean just cleaner. However, by the time we build one with existing capital costs the price of generated electricity will be much higher than a renewables/battery mix.
    12th Oct 2018
    Also those polluting coal power stations are very unreliable "base load" isn't base load when it has broken down.

    By the way CO2 is invisible so a bit hard to disp[lay it.

    Solar THERMAL plants do generate power when it is dark!

    12th Oct 2018
    #globalwarming® (aka #climatechange®) is a total scam. Most of not all globalwarming is disguised Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect. I have many charts showing that warming is occurring inly in urban areas.
    For example URBAN New York City shows strong warming while nearby RURAL West Point actually shows COOLING.
    Urban Buenos Aires shows strong warming while La Estanzuela 35 miles away over the water shows COOLING.

    Australian RURAL sites show NO WARMING unless thye’ve been tampered with, which many are, converting cooling trends into warming trends. Ubfortunately this forum doesn’ty allow me to post graphs of such data tampering.

    Also the Bureau of Meteorology rainfall charts show NO TREND for either NSW, QLD, Sth Eastern Australia or the Murray Darling Basin. And the overall trend for Australian rainfall show that it's INCREASING! So much for the current drought being caused by #climatechange®!

    The sneaky Bureau of Meteorology has cherrypicked Australian rainfall data to start in 1960 to “prove” that Australia is “drying up” whereas the full picture starting from 1900 shows that Australian rainfall is actually INCREASING.

    Also there is no increase in weather extremes as warmists like to tell us.
    Insurance companies can see no rise in weather related claims.
    Warren Buffet, owner of insurance company Geico said “I love apocalyptic climate predictions because they probably affect rates”

    Insurance companies are cashing in on #climatechange hysteria!

    Both the IPCC and NOAA have explicitly stated that there has been no increase in extreme weather.

    On temperature data tampering ….
    Retired Prof (geologist&data computation expert)...NASA GISS Have Tampered The RAW Data So Extensively That They Effectively 'Invented globalwarming®'

    Climate scientist professor Lindzen “globalwarming®' (aka 'climatechange®') will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in world history...”

    I have a lot more data and evidence but this should suffice for now.

    Too bad I can’t upload the many graphs I have debunking #climatechange1rm hysteria.

    12th Oct 2018
    MUST-WATCHVIDEO!! .... (Always)10 YearsLeft To"Save"ThePlanet
    Looks at Past Warnings Of Global Cooling & Warming EXCELLENT!
    Includes Scientific American attempt at erasing the 1970's global cooling scare!
    12th Oct 2018
    Last years 4 corners had a very good programme on the effects of climate change,

    12th Oct 2018
    2017 - TheFakestYear On Record At NASA & NOAA

    Erasing America's Climate History
    @NOAA erasing INCONVENIENT 1930’s heat by fabricating temperature data

    Nobel Laureate in Physics; " #globalwarming is Pseudoscience"

    NYT Lies About Number Of US Hot Days Increasing
    Watch this video to see some rather spectacular And Shameless Climate Fraud Being propagated by the @nytimes #climatechange #globalwarming
    old frt
    12th Oct 2018
    Australia would need about 50,000 wind turbines to create enough electricity to power the whole country , when the wind blows . No one can tell me how many solar panels we would require to provide enough electricity , can you imagine the reflective heat generated by thousands of square kilometres of solar panels. CO2 is .003% of the worlds atmosphere. 3 parts per 100000. If CO2 is so bad why do trees grow so well close to main roads .
    Last I herd we are coming out of an ice age !
    12th Oct 2018
    RENEWABLES: Polluting the East to “clean up” the West!

    The Brutal Truth About “Clean”,“Green” Wind Power, Disastrous Pollution!
    12th Oct 2018
    Ahhh reflective heat is exactly that REFLECTED from the sun..NOT GENERATEDtherefore no extra heat produced!!!

    12th Oct 2018
    Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception? All terrestial surface-temperature databases show signs of urban heat pollution &
    post measurement adjustments that render them unreliable for determining accurate long-term temperature trends
    12th Oct 2018
    People really need to see tge documentary on undersea see how fresh water from the sth pole heats up. Travels to the eastern pacific north of the equator. To start to understand how it works.the man made climate change is a big scam. However. To save personal cost from govt attacks in home electricity. Rooftop solar is the only way to go.
    old frt
    12th Oct 2018
    Don't you long for the good old days when we just called it weather.
    12th Oct 2018
    Climate has never been called weather. Weather and climate are two different things.
    12th Oct 2018
    That put down against older folks sounds like fake news, but climate change policy is a serious issue that will greatly influence my vote next year.

    12th Oct 2018
    PEER REVIEWED STUDY: Most Global Warming Is Fabricated
    Nearly All Recent #globalwarming® is FABRICATED
    13th Oct 2018
    LUVCO2 I would be thinking that all the people who blindly believe the climate dooms day people, actually don't read anything , they just look at headlines or watch the Project and get left footed into a thought pattern with no real evidence!

    12th Oct 2018
    A handy cut-out and keep guide to phrases frequently used in global warming news stories, and what they really mean:
    “SINCE RECORDS BEGAN” since 1850 if using observed data, or about 1980 if using satellite data
    “UNPRECEDENTED” “A RECORD YEAR” No actual research was performed
    “MIGHT, MAY, COULD, PERHAPS” we can say anything is happening if we put enough modifiers in front of it
    “EXPERTS SAY” (a) we’re an NGO in need of funding
    (b) I’m a scientist in need of funding
    “THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED” Betrayal of the scientific method for politics, money or both, so stop asking questions, we know better than you skeptics/deniers/cranks
    “CONSENSUS OF SCIENTISTS” the wisdom of crowds is all we have left, so SHUT UP
    “CARBON POLLUTION” your high school science teacher lied about CO2 being plant food
    “INCREASING GLOBAL POPULATION” pesky developing nations are demanding cars, appliances, and a higher standard of living. The horror.
    “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” subsidies now, or the planet gets it
    “RAISING AWARENESS” hippies doing something daring or stupid for attention
    “COOLING CAUSED BY WARMING” hey, you believed everything else we said, why stop now?
    13th Oct 2018
    12th Oct 2018
    I wouldn't worry too much about population increase having a major effect on warming. We old farts will soon be gone which will have a mitigating effect and everybody else, like the reef, will perish from the pollution!

    12th Oct 2018
    EXPOSED! Most, if not all, #globalwarming® (aka#climatechange®) is disguised Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect
    12th Oct 2018
    I am quite amazed at the level of ignorance exhibited by some of the NO responders. Where do they get their information from. We must only hope that they do some actual research before commenting in future.
    12th Oct 2018
    "We must only hope that they do some actual research before commenting in future"
    My comments are based on extensive research into the #globalwarming® scam.

    Droughts, floods, tropical cyclones, hurricanes haven’t shown any obvious long term changes. This means that in order for politicians to advance policy goals (such as renewables or carbon tax) they have to turn normal weather disasters into “evidence”of #climatechange

    ALARMISM: Claiming Normal as Abnormal Began on a Global Scale with Ozone
    With the introduction of the new paradigm of environmentalism and the subset global warming, natural events were presented as unnatural. The strategy provided a ‘no lose’ situation. People were easily misled because they don’t know what is normal. The few with some knowledge were easily marginalized as skeptics or conspiracy theorists.
    Melting in the Arctic reached an all-time high in June: Ice has been disappearing at a rate of 29,000 square miles a day.
    This is near the average daily rate of melt in the brief Arctic summer, but few people know this is natural. Approximately 10 million km2 of ice melts every summer in approximately 145 days, which is a melt rate of 68,965 km2 (26,627 square miles) per day. Besides, the variability is wide as a 2011 Journal of Geophysical Research article explains,
    It is another example of alarmists and uninformed media reporting a natural situation as unnatural. It is a lie of omission because they only presented facts that suited their story, but lying and deception are now standard and condoned practice for some people. Apparently for them the end justifies the means.
    ... the purpose of the Ozone scare as a trial run for the CO2 scare and the deception to follow. It had all the components; a false claim of change being due to human activity, it was false because it assumed incorrectly that UV radiation, which creates ozone, was constant; use of the claim for a political agenda; and manufactured scientific evidence to support demands for political action.

    It's part of a Socialist/Marxist agenda to install global governance and to herd populations into tiny "human habitat" zones, thus allowing "nature to flourish"
    From The PC Handbook: NEVER Say World Govt!

    The Club Of Rome “In Searching For A New Enemy To Unite Us, We Came Up With The Threat Of #globalwarming® ”

    AHA! Now It All Makes Sense! Russia funding US environmental activism for obvious reasons

    “We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing – in terms of economic policy and environmental policy” Senator Timothy Wirth

    Many BALD-FACED LIES in “Aust Getting Hotter” Report

    Before the corruption of climate science..

    MINDLESS GREENIES! “we’ll say anything as long as it supports our cause”

    12th Oct 2018
    120+ years of #climatechange HYSTERIA. ALWAYS DEAD WRONG BUT STILL GOING STRONG!
    12th Oct 2018
    Apart from your doubtful makes sense to go for renewable energy for economic and sustainability reasons... it is RENEWABLE! so even if one was a climate denier the economic argument still makes sense.
    12th Oct 2018
    Climate change has been happening since the beginning of time.
    12th Oct 2018
    YEP "Climate change has been happening since the beginning of time"

    But now the scientific method has been dispensed with for politics, money or both.

    It's now a new age religion where any dissent is brutally censored.

    “Global warming®” aka “climate change®” is the virtue-signalling religion of our time.

    Climate scientist professor Lindzen "globalwarming®' (aka 'climatechange®') will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in world history"
    Old Geezer
    12th Oct 2018
    Climate change is just another way the big boys can make money.
    12th Oct 2018
    I trust Science but not Scientists. With statistics you can prove anything you want. But more to the point, if you are serious about educing emissions then also be up front what it means:
    high energy costs, minimal car traffic, a static or reducing economy, no more swanning around the world in planes and luxury cruisers. In other words a very frugal life. No one is game to tell the truth. Apart from all of this unless China, India, America get on board it's useless anyway.
    12th Oct 2018
    "if you are serious about educing emissions"

    97.6% of CO2 emissions come from MOTHER NATURE!
    Being "serious" about reducing emissions is FUTILE!
    Human emissions = 5.5Gt/year
    Natural emissions = 227Gt/year

    Mother nature controls atmospheric CO2 levels not humanity
    Human contribution, 2.4% of total emissions, is negligible.
    Climate scientist prof Salby, author of “Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics”, explains the real reason for rising CO2 levels!

    12th Oct 2018
    Australian Explorers Sturt & Mitchell Experienced 53.9ºC (129ºF) IN THE SHADE during the early 1800's!!

    Sturt’s time: So hot that thermometers exploded. Australia’s hottest day in 1828? 53.9ºC!

    Charles Sturt et al experienced a fiery 129ºF (53.9ºC) IN THE SHADE in 1828!

    Australia’sHottestDayMore Likely In Explorer Sturt’sTime 53.9ºC in 1828

    Sturt,1828 129ºF(53.9ºC),in the shade; &149ºF(65ºC) in the sun! #climatechange #globalwarming #abc730

    In 1829 Sturt Endured 53.9ºC In The Shade, 65ºC In The Sun

    So much for #globalwarming®
    12th Oct 2018
    Totally agree Sen. cit89......and don't they just love showing that particular shot of the steam belching out of the Cooling Tower,........... always with the inference that its carbon!.
    12th Oct 2018
    The Greens are behaving like they are acting on higher authority from Europe and have the right to trample on the rights of others in Australia...More worrying is they have a hidden agenda for social change and are using environmental scare tactics to strengthen their power base...Everywhere you see complex issues that are dumbed down to black and white with too much of the truth suffering.

    For example the proximity of coal mines to the great barrier reef in no way means that climate change will be localized to that area, It simply means that more coal is available to the world wide market. How much of it is burned in a year or two depends on the need. It could be all bought by a foreign country as part of a trade agreement. Then stockpiled. Some countries have none.

    Increased trade facilities in North Queensland ports, will increase shipping traffic through the great barrier reef and add the risk of accidental damage. But how do you get a massive oil spill if the ship is not a tanker, but is carrying coal.

    The way environmental issues suddenly lose priority and are replaced by a range of other things called "human rights" puts the Greens last on my voting list.
    12th Oct 2018
    As much as the coalition supports coal for electric power, it'll never happen. Electriciy suppliers know that unless they replace outgoing generating plants with non polluting ones, they'll get the arse sued off them when the global warming shit hits the fan in the not too distant future. Not only sued by people affected, but by their shareholders as well, as the companies have had plenty of notice of the effects of global warming.
    AIso, it's global warming, not climate change. Climate change is a weasel term coined by deniers to downplay global warming.
    12th Oct 2018
    This Climate Change talk is a lot of rubbish, designed only to make big corporations richer. We have had Seasonal changes since the beginning of time but people seem to forget that. If people are so concerned about our climate, stop removing aforestation to clear land for housing estates. Stop immigration completely, let our population grow naturally so there isn't this huge demand for more housing.
    old frt
    12th Oct 2018
    Bundy , what a load of crap. where are all the wind turbines going to installed?
    12th Oct 2018
    In your back yard with a bit of luck, seems windy enough.
    Lark Force
    12th Oct 2018
    Source: CoalSwarm, July 2018

    Who's doing all the Global Warming-not us. Existing/planned Coal Fired Generators.
    China 1003/236, USA 309/0,India 292/88, Japan 82/26, Germany 81/6, Russia 78/6 Indonesia 70/61, AUSTRALIA 22/0.Lets go for Nuclear, cleaner safer or better still,

    12th Oct 2018
    Australia produces about 1.6% of the world's CO2 and a high proportion of this comes from animals. We read that the UN wants Australia to stop mining coal and reduce the herds which, they claim, will reduce CO2 emissions. Well, sorry folks, I can't see how reducing the sale of coal will help Australia's economy nor will reducing the herds do anything except increase meat prices. All of this to reduce the CO2 which Australia doesn't contribute much of.

    We constantly hear the cry of "the science is settled" when nothing could be further from the truth. There are many climate scientists who disagree with the proposition that the Earth is dying and all because of man-made emissions. We are lied to about the state of the Poles and our Great Barrier Reef. Yes, the South Pole has had melting but this is half the story. The melting is in the west (I thought there was only a north direction) but the east side has increased in a higher volume than that lost in the west. The Reef has bleached areas and this is natural and has been occurring since records have been kept. The bleached areas regenerate although it takes time.

    Politicians of all persuasions are useless when it comes to the discussions around climate change. Both major parties know that they can only be elected with preferences and the minor parties are filled with people who want to turn us all into cave dwelling vegans. To attract these preferences, major parties will say and do anything for votes, not do or say anything that will unmask the truth.

    Climate change used to be called global warming but the name had to be changed because the temperatures haven't increased for the last 20 years. I recall back in the '60's that scientists were all trumpeting that we were going into another Ice Age. Flannery told us that we would have no rain by 2012 and even if the rain did fall, there wouldn't be enough to fill our dams. Garrett told us that the seas would rise 8 metres and all of the Pacific islands would disappear. None have gone.

    My post will immediately cause angst and name calling and I will be labelled a "denier" which I find particularly offensive. The word "denier" holds a special place in history and until the loony left started on about global warming/climate change, it was reserved for those who don't believe in the slaughter of 6 million Jews by the Nazis and should never be used for this subject.
    pedro the swift
    12th Oct 2018
    Climate change manmade?. Rubbish. another "moral panic" designed to scare people into giving certain groups more power and money. Climate is gonna change as it has for years before and after humans will be around.
    And of course any one who speaks up against "manmade climate change" is howled down by a baying mob of self interested bunch after getting their hands on more taxpayers funds to push their "research".
    A bit of CO2 is good for plants anyway, makes them grow faster.
    12th Oct 2018
    I am sure that we have climate change .We have the chance to lesson the effect if we limit our population growth but there is money in it so greed will prevail.Lets think about the next generation and stop this out of control population growth.
    Old Geezer
    12th Oct 2018
    Floss without climate change you would not be here. So if you are not sure we can soon erase you if you like.
    12th Oct 2018
    Apparently it is humans who have created both emissions and waste with their throwaway lifestyle.
    The worlds population of 7.6 Billion, rises by 83 million per year. A figure which will continue to rise.
    But no one wishes to add this into the equation of climate change?

    Yes we have space on the planet but a great part of this space is not suitable for farming and to sustain life.
    The moving of populations has already begun with the movement of the numbers of 'refugees' growing and being forced to move.
    None of the oil rich Middle Eastern countries care or embrace their populations. I admit that I do not know if any of them have any sort of welfare for their population.
    The movement of 'refugees' will always be from rich countries engaged in war and countries that have been largely kept alive by charities from around the world. But have failed to make any economic progress. Even farming where possible.
    There are no 'refugees' escaping from 'capitalist' or economically viable countries.
    I am 74 and for as long as I can remember charities have been knocking on doors of western countries, for donations to sink wells to provide water, while in the background war is waged.
    The planet is still evolving as Mother Nature's volcano's activate periodically and the earths surface moves from time to time.
    Natural events that formed our planets surface.
    From the Industrial Revolution, to world wars and the use of and the testing of nuclear weapons, left alone Mother Nature still evolves and breathes and heals.
    The human race is the most corrupted species on our planet and will in all probability destroy it. By actions and numbers.
    I applaud the 'principle' of the Paris Accord but it is doomed to fail. When the planets biggest polluters are found to be exempt from any forms of membership and pollution until 2030.
    Are we supposed to 'descend' to their level or should they 'ascend' to our levels.
    On merit Australia owes nothing.
    12th Oct 2018
    We care because of our children and grandchildren who will be here long after we are gone.
    We need the batteries for our solar panels and we need them now!
    Oldies care very much.
    12th Oct 2018
    I’m sure your descendants will thank you for aiding the UN anti-human agenda as they toil in the UN’s enforced human habitat settlement zones, deprived of all rights such as private property, & having to share all wealth with the multitude of no-hopers on the planet!
    12th Oct 2018
    LUVCO2 - at least someone who read 1984, the book!
    12th Oct 2018
    You do realise those batteries are heavy duty polluters as well.
    12th Oct 2018
    LUVCO2, who are you? You seem to have taken over this topic. No good trying to argue with you. You have made up your mind and set out to support that in great length I might add! You and the other climate deniers are stuck in your negative and boring view.
    You are wrong and probably beneath all your flabbergasting you know it!
    Rosret, the batteries are needed to store the unused power generated by the solar panels which can be then retuned and stored by the power companies.
    How can they be heavy duty polluters? Are you meaning the disposal of them, then no they are made to be recycled.
    It is sad so many elderly people on here are not prepared to do the right thing and go green for the future of the planet.
    Go and sit on one of the ice sheets about to melt to prove your point!
    Swinging voter
    12th Oct 2018
    The United Nations is increasingly becoming a laughing stock as it runs out of ideas to transfer money from the hardworking West to countries that use the funds to prop up dictatorial regimes What they should do is understand that the global problems arise from over-population. Ships loaded with condoms would be a far better investment. As for Al Gore's climate change: well the climate changes without Al Gore getting rich(er) going around the world alarming every gullible audience he can muster. There's sufficient evidence that the predictions touted around 20 years ago have nowhere near reached fruition.
    Global population 1950: 2.5 billion.
    Global population 2018: 7.6 billion.
    Predicted 2050: 9.5 billion.
    Go figure how, at that rapid population growth rate, will the world supply enough resources, and with regard to this debate, ENERGY, to keep all these people satisfied?
    That is the big question. Reduce the population, reduce the amount of energy/resources and the climate change fanatics will have to climb off their "cause" bandwagon. It's utterly outrageous too, that due to all this nonsense and oversight of the real cause of the global problems, people are now being driven out of their homes as a result of noisy, shadow flickering wind-towers.

    12th Oct 2018
    Arrant nonsense - we (the ex and I) sold up our property and moved to the towns for health reasons - couldn't keep up the work anyway... we had twelve years of drought in a row and it nearly killed us... but even then we did everything we could - planted trees, recycled heaps of stuff, used dams and such... didn't burn off but cut back...

    Then every year, Spring and Autumn, National Parks would set huge bushfires for 'environmental reasons' and kill many animals in doing so.... and the air would be polluted for weeks at a time...

    Governments are not serious about air environment... the NSW Guv - the one guilty of the annual choking burn-offs of thousands of acres of distant bush far away from homes - wanted to bring in a hefty fine for people having smoking fires/chimneys... absolute authoritarian hypocrites.... little Hitlers in clean clothes and sweat free
    12th Oct 2018
    I don't think any of the political parties have the ability to implement meaningful measures to assist this country to contribute towards climate change. I doubt that my generation will see the ultimate destruction that climate change will bring to this earth and humans as a result, but future generations that carry your DNA will, and we will be cursed for our collective stupidity. HIstory will record that the governments of this time will be held up for crimes against humanity for failing to act, and individual politicians and their descendants will be villified.

    For those who think this is all part of a natural cycle and there is nothing that can be done, I say read carefully what 99.9% of scientists are saying. Look at the increase in bushfires/wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis, violent storms, floods etc... yes, these phenomina may have been around for all recorded history, but not at the record levels they occur, and continue to occur. But I guess it's a case of "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die".
    12th Oct 2018
    Climate change is not a new phenomenon - to the best of my knowledge the last significant
    climate change event was the advent of the ice age around 15000 years ago. Since that
    period the earth's climate has steadily warmed as the ice receded.

    What caused these climate events is not clear but what is evident it had nothing
    to do with burning of fossil fuels as industrialised society did not exist. Obviously there
    are other natural forces which have significant impact on the earth's climate such as
    possible changes to the position of the earth relative to the sun that create changes in
    radiant energy entering the earth's atmosphere. Furthermore the impact of sustained
    population growth in the past 2000 years has denuded the earth's natural vegetation,
    especially the rain forest regions. This diminishes the atmosphere's capacity to
    absorb increasing quantities of carbon dioxide, that could resulting in the upward
    movement of atmospheric temperatures - the exact increase being determined by
    whatever assumption has been plugged into the prevailing climate model.

    Obviously increased consumption of fossil fuels is a contributing factor - however it is
    simplistic to believe a reduction in overall fossil fuel consumption will achieve any
    significant climate impact. This is at odds with " science" touted by renewal energy
    proponents but at the risk of repeating myself, it will depend on what assumptions are
    plugged into the prevailing climate model. Although this process is designed to foretell
    a future climate scenario it has little in common with scientific method, which is based on
    a process of observation and measurement.

    Do politicians appreciate the significant difference between the climate " prophets " and
    the application of scientific methodology to the climate debate? This is a complex
    issue which the majority of politicians are struggling to fully comprehend.
    12th Oct 2018
    The Coalition either dont believe it is a threat to us all and they want to keep their major donors and their insane far right happy. They are not fit to hold government
    12th Oct 2018
    Hear hear!

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1878 Extreme heat, drought. Miners “knocked off” at 44.5ºC IN THE SHADE!

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1896 EXTREME HEAT: Panicked people flee outback on special trains as 100’s die

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1854 A day of extreme temperature 49ºC IN THE SHADE Violent gales of wind
    Not a Bludger
    12th Oct 2018
    What a most biased survey with most questions/ answers slanted to one outcome.
    But what else would one expect given that Your Life Choices has publicly aligned itself with Getup - appalling in itself.
    12th Oct 2018
    "What a most biased survey"

    YEP, I noticed that too .....

    Looks like Your Life Choices has publicly aligned itself with Getup - appalling in itself.
    12th Oct 2018
    I saw pleny of opportunity in the survey to put the opinion slanted to the rightist views, I guess they were too embarrassed to vote that way
    12th Oct 2018
    Why is it that this survey and all others regarding this issue never mention the effect that Volcanoes are having on this planet ?? We each have our own opinion as to what is best for our furtue. Suggest people Google National Geographic on this subject and read for themselves how little effect our savings are compared to discharge of active volcanoes worldwide on a daily basis. Pollies have a habit of follow the leader, cannot think for themselveson most issues.

    12th Oct 2018
    125 years ago, Australia reached 128ºF(53ºC)

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1846, white men had already ruined Australia’s climate!!

    12th Oct 2018
    When Australia was REALLY, REALLY HOT

    Why don’t we hear of these severe heatwaves from the past? Simple – the government Bureau of Meteorology conveniently ignores all temperature records before 1910.

    However, that does not excuse our media for neglecting the written records such as these preserved in newspapers of the past.

    Could it be that both the BOM and some of the media are still trying to preserve the ailing global warming scare?

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK1896: Another Station On The Darling River Hit 130ºF(54.5ºC)!

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1939: 132ºF(55.6ºC) reported inWA!

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1885: 132ºF (55.6ºC) inTasmania!!

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1897: 51ºC in Melbourne
    Old Geezer
    12th Oct 2018
    We could generate all our electricity in this country using coal and we would have a minimal impact compared to the burning of all that coal we export. If we were serious about having an impact on emissions we would have a tax on the export of our coal. We are now complete fools in a fools paradise trying to produce power using renewables.
    12th Oct 2018
    Because we were too foolish to impose taxes on our exports of coal??? what an amazing argument. Ask Gupta in Whyalla what he thinks of renewables.

    Ask the people of Port Augusta now having an economic revival due to reneables.
    12th Oct 2018
    The simple fact is that Australia is a major world exporter of coal, it our second largest export. We power the coal power stations of China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, the list is a long one. We are a major contributor, through our exports, to the global warming problem we have today. Visionaries like Gupta are making great changes to the status quo by developing renewables to power steel mills in Whyalla and Newcastle, using electric arc furnaces. It can be done, and is being done, despite the chorus of naysayers. Important to note that he is doing it for the economics. Renewables are cheaper now than building a coal- fired power station, and becoming more so.
    I'm giving up trying to convince deniers of the falsity and ignorance of their arguments. Global warming is here now, and needs to be dealt with immediately We will have to ignore and go around them, and base our decisions on sound science rather than the mumbo jumbo from classic denialist sites presented here .

    12th Oct 2018
    12th Oct 2018
    Why not set aside all the pro/con side of this debate and just adopt bi-partisan policies which assume that global warming is an issue which has far-reaching effects on the planet whose population is expected to increase by 2 billion by 2050 and they're all not going to be content with third world living conditions. We all share the same air as the world rotates on its axis; there is no solution to natural sub-sea methane emissions which are increasing as the Arctic ice-cap melts - why not operate on the worst-case scenario basis rather than the head-in-the-sand approach as demonstrated by some elected policy-makers who seem in denial. Wind power is fine, but I wonder whether folks forget that the turbines are manufactured in the northern hemisphere and those countries emit greenhouse gases in the process - likewise somebody else makes solar panels so everyone is happily riveting them to their roof but the gas emissions have already taken place in their manufacture elsewhere.
    12th Oct 2018
    Unfortunately the LNP has decided that bipartisanship is not a vote winner so they are happy to stuff Australia to stay in power.

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1922 When #globalwarming® WAS GOOD NEWS!

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1936: Heatwave Toll Over 12,000 In 1 Week!
    Drought Blamed For Huge Rise In Deaths,3173079&dq=heat&hl=en

    12th Oct 2018

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK1851: A Heatwave Of Unprecedented Horror Hits Victoria![1911%20TO%201911]&searchLimits=

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1851: BLACK THURSDAY, Bushfires Burn 5 Million Hectares or A Quarter Of Victoria!|||l-australian=y

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1896 Intense Heat In America. Appalling Death Toll

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1934 World Wide Drought, 80% Of Glaciers Melting!

    12th Oct 2018
    A Graph WARMISTS Don’t Want You To See. It WAS WARMER In The Roman & Mediæval Periods!

    12th Oct 2018
    Some devastating NON TRENDS In US Climate

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1926” “the worst disaster year in American history”

    Colourless, odourless trace gas, plant food CO2 at “SAFE” levels!
    12th Oct 2018
    Wow there r a lot of doubting Thomases out in the world. However, I prefer to give science my vote, not the pollies. I feel that the pollies are protecting one thing only and that is their jobs. If they lose votes that would be the consequence for them. I think we need to take whatever steps we can to protect our planet, our individual efforts all add up. I think too, that the older generations have always had a make it do, make it last, use it up philosophy. Whereas the younger generations seem to just constantly view most things as very disposable. Although to be fair they have been made that way by the manufacturing industry with their planned obsolescence of furniture/white goods/clothing etc.

    12th Oct 2018
    A repeat of 1928 Extreme Weather On Steroids Would Lead To An Outcry For Immediate World Communism!
    12th Oct 2018
    Strange isn't it, most of the left wing contributors subscribe to climate change. Nothing to do with the fact that their leaders push it I don't suppose. The fact is the earth has actually cooled in the last 50 to 100 years, that is why these drongo's now call it climate change, whereas a few years ago it was global warming. Some of those people in the UN pushing the climate change barrow were also recently alleged to be involved in corruption as well in this matter. It is a usual communistic ploy, take billions from the richer countries and re-distribute it to the poorer ones.

    12th Oct 2018
    I think the farmers are starting to believe it or at least believe that things are changing and are not likely to change in the near future. Sell the farm guys! find another life and people eat far too much meat anyway. The only ones I feel sorry for are the animals.

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1931: China Flood Killed Three Million People, Followed By A Typhoon, Starvation And Malaria

    12th Oct 2018
    TOO LATE! A Carbon tax could have averted this EXTREME WEATHER ON STEROIDS!!!

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1932 Europe Gasps,
    England Hotter Than Africa,
    Many Deaths Reported
    12th Oct 2018
    O.G Hitler had the same answer and look where that ended up.
    12th Oct 2018
    Climate change is obvious, the cause is not so obvious, I am sure that humans contribute to climate change but I don’t think that is the total answer. We have to move forward carefully and make sure we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot, no doubt there will be some posters who will say that we should go all out with renewables, I think that stance is irresponsible, we need to guarantee supply and I don’t believe we can achieve that so easily as some people think, but if for no other reason getting rid of our carbon footprint will make for a healthier lifestyle for all of us, as long as we can achieve it in a responsible manner, our carbon footprint is minor compared to some other countries, but that shouldn’t stop us from doing all we can.
    12th Oct 2018
    " getting rid of our carbon footprint"

    How do you think this will help when 97.6% of all CO2 emissions come from mother nature!

    Human CO2 emissions = 5.5Gt/year
    Natural CO2 emissions = 227Gt/year.

    Climate Scientist Prof Salby Explains Why The Rise In Atmospheric CO2 Is Due 97.6% To Natural Processes, MAINLY TEMPERATURE! Human Emissions NOT SIGNIFICANT!

    12th Oct 2018
    The “Gentler” Climate Of 300ppm CO2 ...oh wait ...TERRIBLE HURRICANE IN EUROPE
    A terrible hurricane has occurred
    in Poland, and bridges, trees, roofs,
    and the crops were demolished. Many
    cattle were destroyed, and 24 people
    were killed.

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK 1926: Severe tornado hits NSW Australia

    Sydney, May 25.
    A tornado did great damage to-day to
    houses, fences, crops, and stock near Red-
    bridge, between Young and Murrumburrah.
    A large seven-roomed brick house on the
    top of a hill was blown down, part of
    the roof being whirled two miles away.
    The Howard family, who lived in the
    house, noticing the storm approaching,
    were in the kitchen, which was the only
    part of the house left standing. The
    brick walls collapsed, the iron verandah
    posts were broken into several pieces, and
    iron from the roof was torn into thin
    strips and carried some distance.

    12th Oct 2018
    Arctic Ice FRAUD
    The New York Times claims that the first Arctic satellite imagery is from the late 1970's, and that ice is decreasing linearly. Their claims are utter nonsense. Watch this video to see what they are hiding.

    12th Oct 2018
    EXCELLENT VIDEO: The Ministry Of Climate Truth, Erasing The 1970’s Global Cooling Scare
    12th Oct 2018
    Global warming exists. We are losing precious wildlife. The Great Barrier Reef is under threat. Lack of rain will kill off our environment and there will be limited food It will affects us all. Food and electricity prices will go up dramatically. Hotter weather means those who will be affected by the heat will be hospitalized creating a greater strain on the already struggling hospital system. The government must pull its head out of the dark and act accordingly and work with all people involved from farmers to health and fire services, Yes I do care.
    12th Oct 2018
    "Hotter weather"????

    This "hotter weather is Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect in disguise!

    Thermometers located at airports & other URBAN sites show warming,
    BUT all genuinely RURAL sites show little, if any, warming!

    It's only hotter in the cities and hotted up temperature data!

    Retired Prof (geologist&data computation expert)...
    NASA GISS Have Tampered The RAW Data So Extensivel
    That They Effectively 'Invented globalwarming®'

    Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect Effects Exposed

    QUESTION: Why didi NOAA stop correcting for Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect about about 1970?
    ANSWER: Because that would remove the FAKE WARMING TREND as Dr Hansen discovered when he properly adjusted Phoenix for UHI
    12th Oct 2018
    KB - do not forget: the sky is falling in as well, run for the hills!! I hope people in time
    to come can see all this drivvel written someplace so they all can have a good laugh.

    12th Oct 2018
    Tornadoes Used To Be Caused By GLOBAL COOLING, Now Caused By #globalwarming® !!!!!

    12th Oct 2018
    FLASHBACK1912: Experts Wanted To Melt the North Pole,To Improve Earth’s Climate!

    12th Oct 2018
    “SETTLED SCIENCE" 1969: The new york times predicted an Ice Free Arctic and a New Ice Age in the same week!

    12th Oct 2018
    Now they blame #globalwarming®

    12th Oct 2018
    Ice Doesn’t Lie, But NASA/NOAA “Scientists” Do

    12th Oct 2018
    World Meteorological Organisataion Sounds FAKE Arctic Alarm by cherrypicking out 1940’s Arctic heatwave
    12th Oct 2018
    I am not going to fill out the poll because it doesn't ask the right questions.
    There is no climate change - there is overpopulation.
    If we switched off all the lights, stopped driving cars, closed down all industry our Australian contribution to stopping pollution and carbon emissions would make no difference whatsoever.

    "Greens" speak before they think. The wind farms that are an enormous blight on the landscape and interrupt prevailing winds. The solar farms that are hot spots that increase the temperature by 2-6 degrees and are planted on prime agricultural land etc etc etc.

    If we close down our industry some other country will fill the gap and we will just be increasing carbon emissions somewhere else and pretend we are "green".

    The hypocrisy of the ideas put forward such as taxing bottles and getting rid of plastic bags is a joke. Everything is made of plastic. As a consumer it is not my decision as to what is being sold. Real products such as wood, metal, leather, silk, cotton, wool, glass etc have disappeared from the shops.

    The politicians do care about pollution however they aren't going to throw people out of work. Industry is working towards better options. Lets let them to that and receive business incentives for doing the right thing.
    12th Oct 2018
    "The politicians do care about pollution"

    I hope you mean REAL POLLUTION as opposed to colourless, odourless trace gas, plant food CO2!
    12th Oct 2018
    LUVCO2 - what are you trying to do with the multiple comments?
    Are you trying to do a DOS attack?
    12th Oct 2018
    With the right government and renewable energy Australia can do amazing things, create hyrdrogen, export it to Japan...Look at what one company in Whyalla is doing (Gupta)

    With the pollies with their heads buried in coal dust..(bull dust?) nothing will happen more and more of Australia will be sold Aussies will end up as serfs.
    12th Oct 2018
    "renewable energy"

    The “Clean” “Green” Renewable Energy Myth
    Old grey
    12th Oct 2018
    Pollies are only interested in having a well paid job after the electorate tires of them, either in the banks, consulting for the big end of town (mining, communications etc). Also interesting that the "environment" minister used to work in the mining sector - just coincidence or ?????????? Also interesting that Britain has reported coal is being phased out and being replaced by renewables - and they don't even have near as much sun as we do
    12th Oct 2018
    It seems wise for Ozzies to join in to reduce the problems but what use will our effort be if China and other countries that have to go around with face covers on because of the fall out do nothing and continue to in unwise working.
    12th Oct 2018
    The survey arrived the day after the "tornado" hit our area in SEQ. Appropriate! Hail stones sizes from marbles to cricket balls. Damage significant! Of course changing climatic variations being the culprit.
    Ecstatic Cyclist
    12th Oct 2018
    Climate change is the most important problem facing the planet. immediate action needs to be taken to reduce Green House gas emissions. A reduction in the Earth's population is needed and this will most quickly occur by raising incomes and education of the poorest world citizens. Our economy needs to adapt to sustainability and not continued growth.
    12th Oct 2018
    Climate has been changing for millions of years. The biggest contributions to CO2 and other nasties are volcanoes, with farting cows somewhat behind. Clearing the air would be good for our health, but isn't going to make a tangible difference to global warming.
    12th Oct 2018
    Climate change and the environment must be controlled but it's just not going to happen due to the overpopulation of the world's human termites which on one hand the human rights want to save and big business wants more and more termites to buy their goods. The world is drowning in cheap Chinese goods, so one just has to except what's coming.
    Knight Templar
    12th Oct 2018
    A 2015 report published in the journal 'Nature Climate Change' compared 117 computer model projections made during the 1990's with the amount of warming that had actually occurred. Of the 117, only three were roughly accurate, while 114 over-estimated the recorded warming.

    The wildly inaccurate predictions reported by 'Nature Climate Change' were not alone. In a terrifying 1 May 1982 prediction trumpeted in the Western media, the U.N. Environment Program decreed that an environmental "tipping point" was closing in and that by the Year 2000 the Earth faced a disaster as final as a nuclear war. Another U.N. climate official in July 1989 warned that "Entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if global warming is not reversed by 2000".

    When the tipping point came and went almost 19 years ago, other frightening scenarios were concocted, including one by NASA scientist Dr James Hanson who declared in January 2009, "President Obama has just four years to save Earth".

    In 2000, Britain's top climate experts announced the end of snow in the UK. Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia is reported to have stated that within a few years winter snowfall will become a rare and exciting event. David Parker at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Berkshire, is reported as having said that ultimately, British children would have only "virtual experience of snow". In 2010 Britain experienced one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record. Britain again experienced record cold and snow in February and March this year. It was aptly described as the "Beast from the East".

    We were told by climate experts (sic) in 2007, that by 2013 the Arctic would be ice-free in Summer. It is NOT. In fact, the global extent of Arctic ice is currently equal to its average over the last 30-50 years. The North-West passage is not navigable in Summer let alone Winter!

    It was predicted that Tuvalu and the Maldives would be beneath the waves by now. They are NOT. They benefit from thousands of tourists each year. Indeed sea level rises have been almost imperceptible.

    The USA has experience fewer hurricanes and tornadoes in the last 50 years than in the previous 50 years.

    In each instance, the so called "SETTLED SCIENCE" got it wrong.
    12th Oct 2018
    In the 1970's they told us the world was going to run out of oil By the year 2000. Raising the price fixed it
    12th Oct 2018
    Australia only produces 1.5% of the world's CO2. What is 1.5% of 1 degree ??? 0.006667 of a degree - absolutely stuff all. Even if the world halved their CO2 output and we didn't, we would only make 0.014 of a degree difference. Per square Km I bet we are the lowest polluter in the world. Climate change panic is the latest "looney-left" crazy idea to raise taxes.

    12th Oct 2018
    Why is it an issue with goverments that they think coal is bad but sell it to other countries isnt that just tranfering the problem if there is one to other countries keep the coal here build more coal power stations and reduce the price of our energy supply and keep in goverment hands dont sellto china
    12th Oct 2018
    It is not a question of belief in climate change. It is about physical laws, and they will happen regardless of what anyone "believes". Humans add ~40 Gt of Co2 into a natural level of ~740 Gt recycling through the environment. This is loudest wake-up call that scientists can give, we need to respond urgently and reduce emissions. Already, the climate is very different from what I was born into. The longer we delay, the higher the cost in dollars and suffering.
    Knight Templar
    12th Oct 2018
    CO2 levels were considerably higher during the Ice Ages. The relatively minor increase in CO2 that we are experiencing, has resulted in additional greening of planet Earth. In my books, this is nothing short of beneficial.
    12th Oct 2018
    False. At ~410 ppm at present, Co2 levels have never been higher since human beings existed. Further, even if we stopped all emissions today, the earth's temperature would continue to rise due to the long " tail" of CO2 recycling through the earth's systems, even though the residency time of an individual carbon atom in the atmosphere is only~ 5 years.
    Many studies are now showing that plants are now losing some of their nutritional value with excess carbon. They grow thicker , woodier, and are less nutritious. Some carbon dioxide is useful, certainly, but more is not necessarily better.
    Knight Templar
    13th Oct 2018
    12th Oct 2018
    For all the surveys I have seen, not ONE has bought Volcanoes into the equation, WHY IS THIS ??? Google National Geographic website on volcanoes and see the impact they have on our climate /emissions ! All this Paris Agreement stuff is exactly that, STUFF. Bet your last dollar someone is making money from all the hype about climate etc. Stop the cows from going to toilet is going to save the planet, what a joke.
    12th Oct 2018
    Because volcanic emissions of CO2 is only, in total 1/150th of the emission levels of human beings. It is really a non-issue. If it were otherwise, we would see regular emission spikes in the data when a major volcano exploded, but we don't.
    Further, volcanoes also emit sulphur dioxide and other ash clouds, which block incoming radiation, resulting in a net COOLing effect, similar to the smog we emit from urban areas. Clean up the pollution, and presto, more sunshine gets through, resulting in more warming.
    12th Oct 2018
    This is weird, twice I have tried to post my opinion regarding climate/emissions, twice it would not post. Maybe it does not want negative comments against the survey.
    12th Oct 2018
    well said adbob and especially LUVCO2, excellent work and good to see that most of us oldies don't fall for the govt. bs narrative. A simple way to decide whats right..... I f it's being pushed on TV and other media you can ((5 sure the exact opposite is true. Also, follow the money. In this case all the carbon tax goes to the likes of Rothschilds, Rockerfellers etc...
    If they're so damned concerned about coal fired power stations dirtying up the air I'm sure they could come up with some sort of filter to clean up all those 'nasty emissions'. If they can clean up diesel engines to the point where no smoke, soot or any other 'pollution' is visible out the exhaust of trucks to meet Euro 5 standards, (I know this coz I still drive the big bangers ) they most certainly can clean up a coal burning furnace. When are the gullible sheeple gunna wake up? If you get your news from the media you are being lied to.... simple as that!
    12th Oct 2018
    If you want to know why we are experiencing such weird weather world wide, look no further than Geo Engineering (aka Chemtrails) and HAARP weather control. They have been able to stop/start rain since the early 60's. Crazy weather has less to do with so called global warming than it does with man made interference. Us oldies will remember when in the Vietnam war the Ho chi minh trail (Charlies main supply route) was washed out with weeks of non stop rain and halted their movement of supplies to the front. This was weather control. Now days car manufacturers that store thousands of cars outside awaiting shipment pay "insurance" so their cars don't cop hail damage. In Russia you can pay to ensure your outside event won't get rained on. All the major players on the world stage dabble in this. They are purposely preventing rain in the outback to starve out the individual farmers so the overseas owned corporates can take over. The whole global warming thing is an invention of the PTB and is utter bullshit and a huge distraction to keep the sheeple blindsided to what they are really doing. An old ploy but still works.

    12th Oct 2018
    If one reads both sides of the research one would understand that yes the planet is warming. A question that the scientists who are pro global warming have not answered or have chosen to ignore is this - When did the ice age end, if it has ended should there be ice still on the planet, what damage do volcanoes do to the climate, what damage does space exploration do to the climate.
    The research I have read shows all the efforts we put in to reduce our footprint over are 5 years period are actually wiped out by one volcanic eruption.
    Who many volcanic eruptions have there been in the past 12 months?
    A forgotten or ignored fact is this - our planet is still evolving and changing, what we do will not stop this from happening.
    Paris Agreement does not address the adverse actions being taken by China, India, 3rd World countries.
    The Northern Hemisphere are the greatest causers of emissions, yet Australia is being made a scape goat and we should not be a party to this tripe.
    14th Oct 2018
    I agree that there was little tangible benefit from signing the Paris Agreement.

    It was nothing more than a gesture designed to place Australia at the forefront of a
    " responsible " world order where style prevails over substance, where self righteous
    lobby groups expound an ever increasing quantity of empty rhetoric, and where
    cynical, self interested politicians implement economically irresponsible, unsustainable
    policies which ultimately, must impact detrimentally on the electorate at large.
    old frt
    12th Oct 2018
    Does anyone else feel like I do that the greens just make it up as they go along.
    14th Oct 2018
    Yeah. I did. And I'm no greenie, unless you count liberal voters like me living in a blue liberal safe seat a "greenie. What they were saying seemed preposterous, the climate changing so quickly. The climate is after all, always changing. So even though I'm retired, I wanted to check it out. I went back to university a few years ago and did climate change courses, spoke to the major climate scientists around the planet, and learned that they, all universities, all national and international science organisations, even our own CSIRO, BoM, and our Chief Climate Scientist, Alan Finkel, were all saying that we have an emerging climate problem that needs immediate action. I think it highly unlikely that they got their information from YouTube,or sites that have strong affiliations with fossil fuel interests and power generation.

    But I still was not convinced. So I went back and did quick courses in the relevant physics and chemistry to make sure that they were not making this stuff up. They're not. The planet is heating up at an alarming rate, probably more than the very conservative IPCC's recent special report; - the concerns of the younger generations are entirely justified. We need to modify our industries urgently, and the farmers are now recognising that they will be some of the first in the front line.

    I'm just a messenger here, I don't expect to convince anyone, and I certainly dont have the time to address all the gishgosh of misleading claims that are being propagated here, but I would hope that older members in my generation would at least take a second look.
    FTR, I and now an admin/moderator on a major international climate change website, and I am devoting my retirement not to travel, but to making the planet more habitable and safe for future generations. We owe them that.
    Roy R
    12th Oct 2018
    A definition of a virus is one that a virus invades its host, replicates itself until it kills the host. Exactly what Virus Humanus is doing.
    Roy R
    12th Oct 2018
    I don't believe any side in the debate. Thay cherry pick data to suit their arguments. Besides, if the world is to end as we now know it, the human race has done it through the human trait of greed and nowt else. A virs is defind as something that invades itshost, replicates itself until it kills its host. Virus Humanus ticks this box.
    13th Oct 2018
    I am really disturbed by the disavowal of scientific fact, general ignorance and parochial nonsense in this comment stream. I sincerely hope this is not truly representative of the views of older Australians.
    13th Oct 2018
    Up to 20 - 30 years ago, droughts, floods, famines, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc., were regarded as acts of nature or God, about which we could do very little except accept them and get on with life. They were a challenge and a test to see how willing human beings were to help each other in times of trouble and distress.
    Then came the political spin. All these disasters were 'man-made', and someone came up with the idea that the culprit was carbon dioxide. This gave governments the excuse to tax 'hot air'. It also created a new industry called 'climate science' and a brand of scientists whose role was to predict disaster and advise governments on how to destroy industry and save the world. Unfortunately, as in the 'Emperor's New Clothes' too many governments take these prognostications seriously, not realising that the planet's climate and weather systems are not man-made, and not adjustable by man's feeble efforts. The forces that control this planet are far greater than anything mankind can do, whether one believes in God or in evolution. That is not to say that reducing pollution is not a sensible goal, but thinking that this can effect a change in the weather patterns or natural disasters is chutzpah to the nth. degree.
    13th Oct 2018
    The Greens are irresponsible. I know they are on a mission to save the planet from human destruction and that makes them feel like they are useful, but why is the householder paying dearly for these childish games?
    This is nothing more than a scam to get the cash flowing in the direction of their choice.
    If the Greens were to stop receiving so much in foreign donations instead of complaining about it, then perhaps a few more people would listen to them. I wouldn't be one of those people though.
    15th Oct 2018
    Be nice if at least one Party could get up a policy that covered emissions, prices and reliability of service. It doesn't seem like it should be so hard that after 15 years we still don't have one.
    13th Oct 2018
    Only 10,000 years ago the earth was coming out of an ice age, and it has been warming up ever since, and this warming will continue to occur in spite of what we humans do. Based on past warming and cooling cycles going back millions of years it will continue to warm and then go into slow decline into another ice age. No matter what we do we cannot influence this cycle.

    We should do what we can to limit the minimal influence we have on global warming, but the overall effect will be minimal.

    People are becoming so engrossed in arguing about the infinitesimal amount of human caused global warming that they have lost sight of the bigger picture that global warming will occur anyway no matter what we do. We should be focussing on what we should be doing to enable us to survive and live with the inevitable, like planning for all the severe weather effects, and gradually shifting away from living on low lying islands and coastal areas.
    13th Oct 2018
    Anyone remember the Howard government promoting carbon capture and sequestration ?

    It's a bit like the $500 reduction in a households electricity costs promised by the Abbot government, when they removed the emissions trading scheme.

    Just thought I should mention theses things.
    13th Oct 2018
    This survey is bent to a point where you cannot answer properly, it is ambiguous.

    I am a firm believer that no science and no experts in the world really know whether this is a normal pattern on earth since for ever, or whether we are creating our own problems.
    My main problem is the hysteria and the over the top doom sayers and the fact that certain political leanings almost promote climate change as an absolute 100% reality when it is not.
    Why would anyone say it is not proven absolutely, well that is easy.
    The reason is that we in" general public land " get the propaganda and the false figures and the absurd freeking out of some, when the proof is not there, and when other scientists disagree in more numbers than we are told.

    That in itself means something of an agenda is a foot. It is just true. How many people can tell you the sea levels are rising when others tell you they are not.
    Humans have no inbuilt size moniter in their nature to gather the massiveness of the earth we live on.
    Every thing is relative, the graphs and figures put out by some are false. Cyclones and Hurricanes and droughts and floods have been happening way before the industrial age. And we all rely on figures some of which maybe doubtful because they come from maybe 5 thousand years ago. And the obnes we rely on today a but a piddle in the ocean time wise against the age of this planet.
    So perhaps Your Life Choices is running a pro climate change agenda too, because I do believe in climate change its been happening for ever, I do believe that we pollute too much and we could do much better, I don't believe that we can or do effect the world like the doomsayers want us to believe , and why, they want us to believe this is a mystery.

    I also know that renewables will one day be here. But in the mean time , we have to use coal in the best cleanest possible ways, so as we don't have a horror in our world of energy prices going so high that we are trapped in some science fiction futuristic hell hole .

    We also have modern technology to finally use Nuclear power for life not death, and every second of every humans life on earth is threatened by something, so whats new. We can find an answer for energy if the climate change religious fanatics win the argument.
    They won't , even if the earth decides to implode and we are all destroyed it will be nature that does it , not us, we are a speck.
    And if the nature destroys us then it was always going to happen that way. Every thing goes extinct. Eventually the world will not exist, nothing to do with us! The sun will also disappear one day.
    When actual two sides of an argument can get up and prove what ios happening and who is roght or wrong , I will look around me and see things happening in the world that have been going on forever, like droughts floods cyclones hurricanes tsunamis , but the doomsaying freaks who predict things that then never happen I 'd like to see exactly where their charts and graphs come from who checks them who is absolutely convinced in a scientific way , not by throwing out what could be false evidence, and in some areas definitely is exaggerated and false.Proof from both sides, PROOF not guess work.
    And don't load surveys!
    13th Oct 2018
    To Jason
    Denialists misleading the public??????????????????????????????????????????? WHAT!


    Quoting things that other bodies simply don't agree on, like the amount of severe storms droughts etc , in fact everything, like your dog pooping on the bloody carpet is down to climate change.
    We take real good figures of climate and storms and what ever we can , and only over a miniscule amount of time that the earth has been in existance this is a political basketball.

    I just want to hear honesty from all science both sides ,
    (because believe it or not, there is other legitimate science that disagrees with climate change reasoning ) not just green fanatics that will bulldust til the cows come home. I'd like to know what the hell a good argument might bring.
    No more egos and bulldust science and lies! So Jason , look both ways nmate you might get a proper idea of what is and what isn't, and I don't know myself but you will it appears believe what you want to notr what actually is. That is sheep like.
    13th Oct 2018
    There are two competing camps, those who promote 'climate change' and those who deny it. Whom is right? I do not know, I am an engineer not a climate scientist. However one thing I do know, when science makes recommendations which are unpopular with vested interests those same vested interests vehemently dispute the scientific findings. Science argued the hazards of asbestos in the 1920s yet it took almost 60 years for the vested interests the concede the danger of asbestos. Same with tobacco, it took years for the tobacco interests to grudgingly admit the scientific truths, even some medical authorities sided with the vested interests until the evidence proved overwhelming. Will climate science be proved correct or otherwise? Will we have to wait until it is too late to find out? If it comes to a choice between science and vested interests I will stick with the science. If science is wrong we will have at least cleaned up the planet a bit, but if science is right we will be heading into disaster.
    14th Oct 2018
    But the so-called science pushed by the warmists (all their predictions so far have been wrong) conflicts with the real science that most climatologists agreed on prior to Gore's film, whose predictions are turning out to have ben correct.

    Those latter climatologists were honest scholars - then Gore & co turned it into a political/commercial football. From then on simply follow the money.

    The latest stuff from the IPCC is pure spin - it's not the result of scientific study - it's just time to stir the pot once more.

    Paris didn't matter to Australia - we were still allowed to export coal -(one of our most important exports - has been for generations) - now our economy is really nder threat - and for bogus reasons.

    Cui bono - not us - that's for sure.
    14th Oct 2018
    Pop stars fly around the world in private jets, and are adored by the very same young people who have been taught man made climate change.
    As do other celebrities who live by the creed of do as I say not as I do. The monumental hypocrisy casts a lot of doubt in my mind as to the truth of man made cc. I'm all for doing something about pollution which is killing off so much of the natural world.
    And whether emissions actually cause cc or not, it wouldn't hurt if some of those wealthy people who own private jets toned thins down a bit.
    14th Oct 2018
    I also agree that the poll is badly worded.
    14th Oct 2018
    This article was obviously written by a very biased person who should know better than trying convince elder folk that climate change is actually ever influenced by man. God created our world to be well-balanced over the long term (God confirmed: it is good) however He also allows our total universe to influence everything else based on His laws and directions. Man can only ever respond to what he learns along the way which is not very much when you consider the actual complexity here. Most of "Your Choice" readers and subscribers are in the 65+ age categories so it is time to reflect and support our views on topics NOT your narrow single-minded ones. We can always UNSUBSCRIBE which may negatively affect your sponsorship income in the future. You move...
    14th Oct 2018
    If reducing carbon emissions doesn't reduce climate change, I hope I am still here to find out why? I wonder if the climate models include Fukushima, the plastic islands in our oceans, the volcanic ash and gases from eruptions, the forest fires in Kalamantan (Borneo) and the Amazon basin, the expansion at the Equator and reduction in the rate of rotation of planet Earth? I am sure there must be someone out there who can put my mind at ease?
    14th Oct 2018
    I just got a reminder about the Carbon Disclosure Project, now called the CDP. The question of Letters of Marque were raised. One alternative to action against these financial terrorists operating out of New York, London and Chicago who have attacked the U.S. and other countries, and are threatening further attacks, is to enact Letters of Marque and Reprisal. Letters of Marque could be used to seize assets of signatory investors in the $100 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project especially its custodians and return the money to its lawful owners apparently stolen from federal, state or local employee pension funds.
    CDP's climate change program aims to reduce companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change risk. CDP requests information on climate risks and low carbon opportunities from the world’s largest companies on behalf of over 800 institutional investor signatories with a combined US$100 trillion in assets

    18th Apr 2019
    nuclear power is the way to go....are these countries wrong??
    30th May 2019
    I do not give a tinker's curse about climate change per se. as an individual trying to reduce the impact of climate changes is like King Canute trying to turn the ocean tide. We have been conned into believing that we can make a difference by the money people of this world, Al Gore for example. If volcanoes could be plugged and trees did not rely on CO2 to exist, maybe, just maybe we can live our lives without the worry of turning on the heater or air conditioner at the expense of going without food ! Thanks to L/NP for selling us out !!

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