Do you know your bones?

How well do you know your bones?

In Australia it is estimated there will be over 165,000 broken bones due to poor bone health in 2018.  Professor Peter Ebeling AO Medical Director of Osteoporosis Australia believes many of these fractures could and should be prevented.

“My advice to people is firstly understand your risk of osteoporosis and talk to your doctor about your bone health. And if you are aged over 50 years and have experienced a broken bone from a fall or minor incident like tripping then you need to see your doctor to investigate further.”

Professor Ebeling says too many people are going undiagnosed (about 80%) after having a broken bone and this is leading to further fractures.

In an effort to assist consumers to understand their risk of poor bone health, Osteoporosis Australia partnered with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research to introduce Know Your Bones, an online self-assessment tool. Over 125,000 people have visited the website.

The easy-to-use tool is available at After completing the self-assessment it generates a report showing results and risks which can be taken to your doctor.

Professor Ebeling says many of his patients feel it was simply unlucky to slip or fall and end up breaking a bone, yet when he investigates further and finds osteoporosis is the underlying cause patients are very surprised.

Professor Ebeling believes the focus should be on prevention and encourages consumers with risk factors to speak to their doctor.  Once diagnosed, osteoporosis can be safely and effectively treated to reduce the risk of broken bones.

Osteoporosis Australia encourages everyone to protect their bone health and remain active and independent as they age. Visit today!

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