Don’t trust financial advisers?

You certainly wouldn’t be alone, but what if someone could review the validity of the advice you’ve been given? Would this give you peace of mind?

Cautious Investor Australia (CIA) is Australia’s first fully independent financial advice review service that delivers investors peace of mind. CIA understands that, due to the fear of being ripped off or because you don’t know who to trust, your long-term financial security may suffer.

Here’s how CIA can help you invest with confidence.

What does Cautious Investor Australia do?
Cautious Investor Australia is an independent service that offers complete peace of mind. It helps to build trust between financial planners and their clients by ensuring that financial planners follow industry best practice and that their clients fully understand the advice they are receiving.

CIA believes in the financial planning process and knows that a lot of people are making incorrect financial decisions due to a fear of talking to a financial advisor. The team at CIA would like to change that whilst delivering total peace of mind.

CIA works with consumers, financial planners and accountants to produce a comprehensive report of the financial advice being delivered to consumers, to ensure that the adviser is meeting their regulatory obligations and acting in the best interests of the consumer. CIA also provides feedback around the planner’s qualifications and experience, along with the pricing of the advice to market. In addition, the report also contains constructive questions that you can take back to your advice provider. This will help you to ensure that you are gaining a full understanding of the advice delivered prior to implementation.

CIA has brought together an experienced team of compliance specialists, para planners and market experts to assist with the reviewing and developing of the reports being delivered to consumers.

As a special offer to YourLifeChoices members, CIA is offering a 50 per cent discount off the normal cost to produce a comprehensive review of an advice document. For just $99, you can have total peace of mind that the advice you are receiving is in your best interest and not the advisers.

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Cautious Investor Australia is not a financial planning company and does not provide specific advice on the investments recommended from Financial Advisors and Planners. All feedback in relation to the actual investments recommended, apart from pricing to market comparison, are of a general nature only. Cautious Investor Australia does not have any associations with financial planning firms and all material provided to CIA for their services remains confidential and is not shared with any other party without the specific approval from the client. CIA’s financial advice feedback reports are provided with the view of assisting potential investors make better financial decisions through gaining an independent unbiased opinion of the advice being provided by financial service providers.