Four foods to eat for better sex

Do aphrodisiacs actually work? There is only ever very weak evidence to suggest that they do. But Lifesum, a popular health tracking app based in Sweden, analysed its user data to find out which foods were most popular to eat before and after sex (within two hours or less).

It might not come as a surprise to many, but chocolate consistently topped the list across the six countries where data was taken (Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom).

Next in popularity were tomatoes, bread, apples, potatoes, coffee, bananas, wine, cheese, and strawberries.

After sex, most people enjoyed the same foods with water taking the place of wine.

Frida Harju, a nutritionist at Lifesum, says she wasn’t surprised by the findings. Both chocolate and tomatoes are convenient snacks and rich in feel-good hormones and vitamins.

“Chocolate is full of anandamide and phenylethylamine, two ingredients that cause the body to release the happy hormones known as endorphins,” Ms Harju explains.

She cautions, though, that due to chocolate containing methylxanthines, its energetic benefits are short lived.

The food you should eat for better sex
A healthy diet is associated with a lower risk of erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction.

These are some of the foods that can improve your performance and satisfaction in the bedroom:

  • Ground flax seeds
    This superfood is rich in antioxidants and is known to promote increased blood flow to the sex organs.
  • Oysters
    Everyone has heard the stories, and although they didn’t make it onto the list of the most popular foods to eat before sex, it appears there is good science behind the commonly-held myth. Oysters are rich in zinc, which is a key mineral for sexual maturation, helping your body produce testosterone, a hormone linked to sexual desire.
  • Pumpkin seeds
    Just like oysters, pumpkin seeds are full of zinc. They also contain magnesium and other nutrients essential for optimal sexual health.
  • Avocados
    Avos are packed full of Vitamin E. Boosting your intake can address issues with a low sperm count and a decreased sex drive. Eating foods high in Vitamin E also helps raise testosterone levels.

What do you like to eat before and after sex? Are there foods that put you in the mood?

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