Farmers Fund milk will give back to the farmers

A new brand of milk will return to farmers forty cents from every two-litre bottle sold.

Farmers Fund milk will give back to the farmers

The Victorian farm lobby has joined forces with Coles to produce a new brand of milk that will return to farmers forty cents from every two-litre bottle sold.

The new ‘Farmers Fund’ brand of milk will hit the shelves at some Coles supermarkets this week and is expected to raise $1.5 million within the first year. The funds will be distributed to farmers by the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF). Coles has already contributed $1 million to the fund so that money can be distributed immediately.

Farmers in the south-eastern region of Australia can apply for up to $20,000 in grants for on-farm work that includes plans to increase productivity, upgrades and consultants.

VFF president David Jochinke has encouraged the public and his members currently buying home-brand milk to consider making the switch.

"We think supporting branded milk is a good thing but for people buying home-brand milk, this is an opportunity to get them involved," said Mr Jochinke.

What do you think? Is the new Farmers Fund milk brand a good idea? Will you consider purchasing this new brand instead of your current brand of milk?




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    8th Sep 2016
    About the new milk of course Coles will sign up with them because no doubt they will get some money back for doing so otherwise it would not be in their interest to do so ,sorry cannot feel sorry for dairy farmers,they sat back and let the cheap milk come onto the shelves and did nothing and then when it got tough they decided to have a big whinge ,they would not give you one cent off any of their products,my husband worked for Norco for 30 years and they would not give you any discount sorry I have no pity it's their fault ,if parents can buy milk for a dollar a litre and give their children more on their weetbuxbevery morninv ten I'm for it ,there are some do ing it tough out there
    8th Sep 2016
    All Farmers are doing it tough, no I am not one of them I lived in the city most of my life but moved to the bush 20 years ago and learnt just how hard it is for them I was very surprised. Biddy I am sure that the only way farmers could have prevented the Supermarkets from selling low cost milk would have been to stop supply. Wouldn't that have got the city folk and many more WHINGING
    8th Sep 2016
    Bit harsh Biddy, farmers sell to dairy companies at an agreed price although the agreement is not always just that but may be a "take it or leave it" statement. Farmers have nothing whatsoever to do with the sales to the public.
    11th Sep 2016
    Biddy, a typical response by a someone with no idea. Best to keep quiet and have people think you are a dill than voice an ignorant opinion and remove all doubt.
    14th Sep 2016
    I find it ironic in the worst sense that the farmers that produce everything we need to eat in order to live are doing it so tough. I recently went to a caravan and camping expo and I was reminded of the fact that people that produce things that nobody needs to buy ( to survive on) are getting rich in contrast to the plight of the farmers. Imagine the outrage if people were required to live the rest of their lives in caravans or campers?
    8th Sep 2016
    Some people think that the Coles and Woolworths branded milk comes from overseas, so those that buy them are doing our local farmers a disservice. However, both Woolworths and Coles branded milk are products of Australia.

    I am not critical of Coles and Woolworths for selling the cheaper milk and neither am I critical of the customers that buy them. Those that are critical of these groups never mention Aldi, which sells their milk for the same price.

    I agree with Biddy that people shouldn’t be critical of those that buy the cheaper milk because they are doing so because they are in a less fortunate position than others.

    I read that around 6% of all of our Australian farmer's milk ends up as 'bottled' milk. The rest (94%) is either exported or ends up as long-life milk or powdered milk. If buying branded milk from supermarkets is a better way to help farmers, it's only fixing 6% of the problem.

    One of the reasons that our milk prices are so cheap is due to the oversupply since 2014 following the Russian embargo on all our milk imports.

    I read that the real culprit is Murray Goulburn and Fonterra, who are the ones that have been screwing the farmers, by cutting the rates they give to the farmers when they purchase their milk.
    8th Sep 2016
    100% right David. The kerfuffle is only involving Murray Goulburn and Fronterra for the moment but I'm sure other dairy companies are waiting with bated breath to see the end result. The most despicable part of the whole debacle is back dating the drop in milk prices so that farmers now have to pay back what has become an overpayment.
    8th Sep 2016
    Thanks Old Man.
    I forgot to mention the backdating debacle. Great point!
    8th Sep 2016
    How hypocritical. Coles and Woolies and Aldi took the money from the farmer sand supplied cheap milk, now they are expecting us, the public, to restore the money to them.
    Not this little black duck.
    8th Sep 2016
    Sorry btony, the supermarkets don't buy milk off the farmers, they buy off dairy companies.
    8th Sep 2016
    Geez Old Man, getting a bit pedantic there.
    If Coles et al didn't want cheap milk, dairy companies wouldn't supply it, and because Coles et al want cheap milk, the dairy company screws the farmer and supplies it. So indirectly,albeit once removed , Coles et al are taking money from the farmer. sheesh
    8th Sep 2016
    And using your logic btony, I'm indirectly screwing the farmers by buying cheap milk.
    9th Sep 2016
    Some would say that
    11th Sep 2016
    How long do we think that the farmers will continue to supply milk when returns from sales fail to meet the cost of production?

    I never buy Coles $1 per litre milk, always purchase locally produced product for around double that price, and I know that many others are doing the same.

    Hopefully, by paying enough for my milk to enable the producers to make a reasonable profit will ensure their survival I will have a reliable supply in of milk in the future.
    8th Sep 2016
    This is the first positive response I've seen. Hooray for a bit of commonsense
    8th Sep 2016
    It's certainly a 'small' step in the right direction.
    Tom Tank
    8th Sep 2016
    If they want to help the farmers why not simply increase the price given to the farmers at the farm gate. It certainly appears that this "New" milk does not do that.
    Murray Goulburn and Fronterra are largely responsible for this happening but then again we live in a so-called free enterprise Capitalist system which can be described as law of the jungle, only the strong survive. This is more politiely described as "market forces".

    8th Sep 2016
    Just the name "Coles" puts doubt on the credibility of fair monetary aid to farmers. Sorry, I can't believe this and will continue to shop elsewhere.
    8th Sep 2016

    Why don't they give them a fair price on all Australian milk ALL of the time rather than special times. I'd be sceptical about the details of this offer.
    Gee Whiz
    8th Sep 2016
    This whole milk disaster goes back to when the federal government deregulated the dairy industry.

    Just like everything else they have privatized it has been a complete stuff-up from day one.

    They privatized the Commonwealth Bank (the peoples bank) and turned it into the most corrupt financial enterprise in the country. Now known as the Peoples Rip-off Bank.

    The water and power industries were privatized and consumers have paid through the nose ever since.

    But the politicians with the inside running made sure they bought shares in the take over companies and made a handsome profit at the expense of the mums and dads getting ripped-off.

    Are Coles and the Framers Lobby doing the right thing to put a few extra dollars in the dairy farmers pockets? Who knows?

    But I don' t begrudge the framers a few extra dollars. The time and effort these poor buggers put in they deserve all the help we can give them.

    And the extra couple of dollars a week it's going to cost me is going to a worthy cause.

    Good on Coles for trying to help.

    Its more than the idiot government and that dickhead Barnaby Joyce could do!
    8th Sep 2016
    There is a difference, Gee Whiz, between the CBA and milk production. The CBA was wholly owned by the government and they made the decision to privatise it. The milk industry's main body, the Australian Dairy Industry Council approached the federal government to deregulate the industry because there were problems arising. The ADIC also needed the states to disband their milk authorities to make the industry subject to the one oversight body. The government agreed with the governing body. There was no privatisation, merely a shift in responsibility within the industry.
    8th Sep 2016
    Yes deregulation works a treat. Just look what it did to the wool, wheat and prime lamb markets.
    8th Sep 2016
    I think you meant Pulverized not Privatized ! :-( :-(
    8th Sep 2016
    Sorry Rae, when did those markets get deregulated? They have been boom and bust for decades but that's because of market forces.
    9th Sep 2016
    ITs all a scam, to Privatise everything, then we have to pay higher prices for everything.
    What a con job they have worked on us.
    there was no need for any of it.
    the Price of meats sky high, and just everything.
    Cause you know you can get a great peice of steak in canada, and its tender as and you don't pay an arm and a leg for it like you do here.
    So what are they doing wrong??
    9th Sep 2016
    pigs is too nice a word for our Entitled Ones ! The lady above is Right I'm now a Vegetarian ! The Price of Meat is RIDICULOUS !! I hope the People with the FREE TRADE Deals aren't SUFFERING ! :-( And the Free Dinners at Kirribilli Continue Uninterrupted :-) I'll live on Milk Shakes with Coles Cheap Milk ! I wish Id found out about the Disability Pension when I was 15 ! I would have Never Worked and paid Taxes for 50 Years :-( :-(
    8th Sep 2016
    I don't see any mention of the price for the new branded milk. If the new brand is increased by $0.40 over the other options, just to pass this back, then I for one will not be buying it. Many are doing it tough not only the farmers.
    8th Sep 2016
    All a lot of fluff, hot air! The supermarkets should pay farmers a decent price for their product, that's all there is to it. I don't buy milk at all, so doesn't affect me.
    8th Sep 2016
    I buy a branded milk now. Usually A2, or an extra creamy brand as it makes a much better milk froth in the coffee machine. The cheaper milk does not froth properly for some reason.
    Good on Coles though for trying to help farmers. We would be much worse off without them.
    8th Sep 2016
    When will anyone start selling meat at reasonable prices that pensioners can afford?
    Ever since the live animal markets opened up, we in Australia have seen our meat prices more than doubled.
    Present Example; Coles advertising Spring Lamb at $17.50 kilo saving $3.50 kilo.
    I cannot afford that. Beef is the same outpriced for many Australians.
    No, I cannot sympathise with Farmers, if the overseas Milk markets opened up we will be outpriced for milk also. I buy the $2.00 milk
    9th Sep 2016
    No sympathy, we eat far too much meat, plenty of other sources that provide protein that don't contribute to bowel cancer. I think meat looks a lot better on the animal than on the supermarket shelves. As for the milk, pay a little more, think about the cows for a change instead of your selfish self
    8th Sep 2016
    I have read comments about buying a 2 milk you people are being hoodwinked into thinking that this milk is better for you and froths up,can you please tell me have you ever seen a a2 cow there is no such animals nothing can be added to milk to make it any different or better milk is just that milk you people will believe anything that is advertised please tell me exactly what is a2 and how they add this component to the milk as for Coles buying this milk from the farmers there has to be something in it for them otherwise they would not be helping anyone,how much is this new milk and are the dairy farmers really getting extra or is this a ploy to lake out the farmers are suffering,if families buy the cheaper milk so that children can drink or have extra on their wet bix then I'm all for it,the dairy farmers are whinges they will not help the people but want help as soon as there is some crisis they have been sitting on their hands for so long and allowed the cheaper milk to flood the shops and now start to sing and dance that they are going broke,tough you soon as they stopped the milk man and home deliveries they decided it's not viable anymore,we have to drive to the shops for our milk it costs us money for petrol and no one reimburses us yet you farmers want everything your own way tough that's all I can say,once they deregistered the milk industry then it all fell apart you reap what you sow in this world I know there is no difference with milk mainly because my husband worked at Norco 30 years and if we bought from them they never offered 1 cent discount to us we always paid top dollar for butter,Milk.any dairy products they gave us nothing so do I have pity because the dairy farmers are doing it tough one word No
    8th Sep 2016
    Interesting, considering that Coles started the milk price war in the first place.
    8th Sep 2016
    It's not just the cows that are being milked. Same story all over again. Reduce the payment, give a small amount back, call it charity, welfare, whatever. The producer always winds up being owned by the banks, the pensioners get called welfare recipients, the people who really can't find a job are called dole bludgers. The banks, entrepeneurs, multinationals, politicians are the good guys and the philanthropists. They are just so bloody kind to us.
    8th Sep 2016
    You never hear of these companies talk about how much they make on Export Products which is really the cream of their profit (no pun intended)
    8th Sep 2016
    i buy direct from a farmer and he gets 100% straight in his pocket more farmers should do the same and they all should tell Murray goulburn to get stuffed and not go back to them m goulburn are only offering the farmers a new deal because of pressure put on them by their creditors and the shareholders the management are the same as this government out of touch.

    8th Sep 2016
    Coles AND Woolworths will BOTH milk the FARMER for all he's worth - that's big business for you. Much like what the government does to taxpayers.
    8th Sep 2016
    I watched the interview last night with the leader of the Victorian farmers or dairy farmers group and it sounded to me the deal was a twisted PR ploy to get Coles off the hook.
    Why don't they just pay the farmers an extra few cents per litre to make it viable?
    9th Sep 2016
    MILK!.....Milk is one of the most value added products in the Western World, second to Petroleum products.( and the human beings- Consumers/Cash Cows)

    Some of you may remember when after milking the cows, the extracted milk would be waiting in a very large Stainless ( real Stainless Steel ) Steel Vat. The REAL Cream would be sitting on top to a depth of around an inch or so deep. A cup scoop would yield a long gone natural bounty, leaving much licking of the lips.

    Today the milk is picked up and conveyed by tanker to the Milk processing factory where ALL the Cream is stripped out of it and processed into Value added components, after Sterilization, Pasteurization, Homogenization etc, etc it is processed into Cream, Butter etc, etc.

    The processed milk is then given a very small injection of cream, simply to meet the legal requirements of the particular brand/type of "Milk" supplied to the various companies and outlets across the country.

    This applies to only the local market areas, and the bulk of the original milk is processed into powdered, skimmed and other product to be marketed and /or shipped overseas.

    In the "old days" the Dairy Farmers supplied their own milk ( with Full Cream ) around the local areas, by way of horse -pulled milk float.The milk prices were reasonably steady but at times there was an under or oversupply of milk, depending upon seasonal conditions, eg: drought, floods etc.
    Somewhere along the way, the Health Departments, Do-gooders and the Entrepreneurs decided that if they could get all the local Dairy Farmers to form a Co-operative then the Co-op could set and maintain a steady price to the same farmers, as well as introducing strict health controls.

    This seemed to work for a while until out of the darkness appeared buyers ( foreign -owned Milk Companies) offering more money to the local Shareholding Dairy Farmers, at which many jumped on this simple opportunity to make a quick quid, NOT of course considering the ultimate future of the Industry.

    The rest my friends is HISTORY!....and once again the consumers, Dairy Farmers and the Supermarkets are at each other`s throats.

    Once again the tragedy and folly of PRIVATIZATION!....( and over-governance!)

    9th Sep 2016
    Murray Goulburn have a lot to answer for making farmers pay back the so called overpayment and making it retrospective. Absolutely disgraceful, I don't know how this can be legal and the govt needs to pull its finger out and do something about it quick smart. I feel sorry for the cows who are such gentle creatures that have been kept producing milk faithfully for years only to be sent to the abattoir when things go downhill that's what breaks my heart. After all milk is not essential to human life.
    Not Senile Yet!
    13th Sep 2016
    Hard to believe that no one understands that de-regulation is allowing private corporations to do as they please!
    De-Regulation has failed Worldwide!
    Far too much Black vs White for me!
    Yes the Regulation that was in place was outdated....not needed fixing not removed altogether!
    This was simply the Liberal Party Policy of Privatising everything......just like the Yanks.....but it has also failed there as well!
    Humans in power without regulations become Greedy and Corrupt!
    Regulations mean they have to answer to someone else...Not just themselves!

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