ONESeniors in administration

Over 55s phone and internet supplier ONESeniors has gone into administration.

ONESeniors in administration

Previously known as TadAust, ONESeniors provides people over the age of 55 with phone and internet services at some of the most reasonable prices on the market. ONESeniors last week appointed administrators after its service provider became unable to supply services to ONESeniors, cutting off phone and internet access for many members.

ONESeniors was acquired yesterday by Vocus Communications and Vocus is approaching other suppliers to restore services to the network. ONESeniors has continued to update its Facebook page as a point of reference for those seeking more information, although most posts have ended up becoming a place for ONESeniors members to voice their strong displeasure at having their services cut off without warning.

“My mother relies on her phone and emergency alert which is connected to the landline, so now not working. At 83 she had no idea what was going on and couldn't get through to anyone to help. I have since left a message with your technician who was 'on the phone' over two hours ago, with no reply. As your company uses Telstra networks why hasn't it been set up that Telstra kicks in and keeps services running in emergencies such as this???” says Cat on the ONESeniors Facebook page.

“Surely you knew before you left seniors stranded. My parents are now without any form of communication and you kept saying it was an outage. Shame.” says Sue on the ONESeniors Facebook page.

Visit the ONESeniors homepage for the latest updates. 

Read more at the ABC News website.

Opinion: Seniors deserve better

The ONESeniors brand isn’t new to the telecommunications landscape. The previously named TadAust existed for several years before the change to ONESeniors occurred. For a company with such a long record in providing services to this age group, it is more than disappointing to see services suddenly stopped and for no backup solution to have been in place. The service provider in question used the Telstra network, but according to ONESeniors, the provider had its ability to supply services suddenly stopped.

ONESeniors customers now face a difficult decision: to stay with ONESeniors after the takeover by Vocus Communications and continue to pay the relatively low monthly cost, or to break away from their contract (which they can do) with ONESeniors and to join up with a different internet or phone provider. Personally, I would be jumping ship until the company which acquired ONESeniors yesterday proves itself capable of providing services to other members.

As mentioned on the Facebook page, a number of customers attempting to cancel their direct debit payments to ONESeniors are having problems doing so, with some bank staff suggesting it isn’t possible without the permission of ONESeniors, which isn’t the case. One member mentioned that bank staff have the ability to cancel this payment for you and if they tell you otherwise, ask to speak to a manager who should be able to help.

Seniors deserve better than this. Many vulnerable customers who rely on their mobile phone for speaking to family members, contact with the outside world or even for their panic monitor have been left without services for no good reason. Let’s just hope nothing serious occurs to any ONESeniors members during this period of downtime.

What do you think? Should ONESeniors have had a backup plan in place, or was trusting that the provider would continue to provide services logical? Would you keep your services with ONESeniors after what has happened, or would you look around for a new service provider? 


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    Joy B
    8th May 2014
    My neighbour was caught out last week and was without both phone and internet services. They should have tried to keep the phone service active at the very least. Like many others he is changing to a more reputable service provider even though it is costing him more per month. Now here is the kicker - apparently ONESeniors delay requests for change overs. Surely there should be, if not already existing, a governing body that monitors this type of behaviour and steps in to ensure services are not disrupted thereby leaving people stranded. Not everyone has a mobile phone.
    8th May 2014
    Try the Telecommunications Ombudsman or the Department of Fair Trading.
    8th May 2014
    I have been a customer when it was Tadaust since about 2007, however I haven't lost my internet connection and they told me today they would not be closing down and for me to go ahead and pay the invoice I have due next week. My plan is 1.5GB $20 p/m However Optus can match that so may switch soon.
    8th May 2014
    Tiger I would strongly advise thinking twice before switching to Optus. I was talked into trying them some years ago with promises of a cheaper service.... and it was for the first month.... after that the cost increased each month till I was paying more than my service with Telstra had been. This was a landline service, but showed me you CAN'T trust their promises... I was out of there as soon as I could and they will "never darken my door again!"
    Rachel Tyler Jones
    8th May 2014
    TPG is another good budget option. I have personally used them for almost a year now, with no problems, and they were very helpful in the set-up phase. The lowest cost plan they offer is $29.99, but you do get 50GB of downloads with that, which would ensure you never went over the limit, and could enjoy watching videos online (such as the ABC catch-up website) or make video calls to family or friends.

    Another trick a friend shared with me recently is that she has signed up for a higher cost plan, and then her neighbour who only needs the internet occasionally pays a third of the bill each month. She has a wireless router set up on the wall closest to her neighbour's house, and the neighbour has the password to use it for those occasions when he needs it.
    9th May 2014
    Optus actually belongs to Singtel (Singapore Telecommunications).
    8th May 2014
    I guess that's what you get when essential services are privatised and everybody and sundry gets into the act.
    8th May 2014
    "As mentioned on the Facebook page, a number of customers attempting to cancel their direct debit payments to ONESeniors are having problems doing so, with some bank staff suggesting it isn’t possible without the permission of ONESeniors, which isn’t the case." This is one of the very reasons that I will never allow direct debits on any account I hold. It has always been difficult to stop them and you lose control of your account. How do you get consent of any company to stop the direct debit especially if it is also within a contract period? More and more companies are forcing their customers into these arrangements and I believe them to be totally unfair and weighted solely in the interest of the organisation. Any supposed financial benefit is minimal for the customer.

    This particular case raises a number of issues:
    - if ONESeniors is using Facebook to inform its customers and there is no phone/internet access, how are those customers meant to access it to know what is going on?
    - it is highly unlikely that (even) Telstra would have disconnected the supplier without warning so who is responsible for making sure that alarms (medical, emergency, security etc) are un-interrupted in situations such as these and why were no processes in place to deal with this eventuality?
    - If people choose to 'jump-ship' as a direct result of this situation, will they be refunded on all advanced payments, who will pay for the new connection with a new company and who will ensure that any existing contracts are cancelled without penalty? The contract is with ONESenior not ONESenior supplier!
    8th May 2014
    I am with TPG
    They d/debit from my credit card & only they.
    If push comes to shove i would report my C/C as lost or stolen & they would shut it down till further notice.
    8th May 2014
    My C/C has been in credit for the last 10 years.
    8th May 2014
    Because we are all broke
    No one can afford INSURANCE
    house & contents
    the insurance companies have gone bust ?

    8th May 2014
    I pay Vodafone $38 month for 12 GIG I find that sufficient, that is using their USB stick thing, I have Vodafone mobile phone..........BUT only to receive calls or SMS..... FOR CALLS I use SKYPE where calls to landline is 2 cents minute or so and to mobiles 4 cents of so, takes a long time to use up $20, you just deposit funds as you want to your Skype account. And that covers International calls too, it's a great thing.
    8th May 2014
    I lost my Internet service from Friday to Monday. Phone calls to One Senors (Tadaust) answering m/c told me to hang on they were working on the problem; then, suddenly Monday afternoon
    I had service again. One thing noticed was my incoming video emails were downloading without stops and starts?? I will now stay as is unless further problems occur.
    8th May 2014
    That Service Provider that supplied One Seniors must have had a few customers that all were faced with no internet/phone from the Friday to Monday.... I am not with One Seniors, my supplier is Isage, and my internet was affected, for the same length of time. I have heard that a friend with yet another supplier (the company's name escapes me atm) was also without for the same period
    8th May 2014
    I very much doubt this company wanted to go out of business. It would be interesting to know if they got into financial trouble, & couldn't pay their service provider, or if they were squeesed out.

    It does highlight that it is often not the best idea to go with the cheapest provider of any product or service. To be the cheapest companies must cut corners & sail closer to the edge. Either can lead to failure.

    We had one of these services for my mother, & it was excellent the once it was required. I hope this is sorted, before someone is hurt with no help.

    Oh & Oldie80, these have always been private companies offering a niche service. If it were run by bureaucrats it would cost a hundred dollars a month minimum.
    Polly Esther
    8th May 2014
    This is bad reporting and scaremongering at its best. Look lets all stop and relax for a minute, ask questions of your friends and neighbors, anyone, even have an off the cuff yarn with the salesperson selling PCs at any big store, e.g. Good guys for instance. Its a fact unfortunately that the internet goes off line or slows down somewhat from time to time, no matter who is supplying it to you. We have to live with it unfortunately ( a fact of life). If you are seriously inconvenienced when this happens put it to your internet supplier for a small cost compensation. ( nicely) It can work. Stick it out with what you've got and or but be very wary if you do decide to switch suppliers. One supplier mentioned by 'tiger' has I know brought a lot of grief to a lot of people over a number of years that I know about. So be very careful ( the devil you know)
    8th May 2014
    Agree with what you say but in this case the Telco - ONESenior - has called in the Administrator. The company is likely to be liquidated. This is not just a case of slow downloads or telephone/internet access.
    8th May 2014
    I suppose "privatizing" was some smart chumps idea of let's get rich quick off the back of the nation & it's people.
    A wrought
    A scam
    Along the lines of the infrastructure is there the customers are there all we have to do is send out the bills & reap the rewards.
    ALAS it has blown up in their faces.
    Also, the infrastructure belongs to AUSTRALIA & IT"S PEOPLE
    It is the people that paid for it to be built in the first place.
    WHY/HOW ?
    SIMPLY -
    8th May 2014
    8th May 2014
    The ones that have been cut off ! Will be the ones Not Appearing on this Letter !!
    9th May 2014
    My friend (in WA) has still got internet - but no phone. It seems to vary depending on location.

    Another friend has had her phone restored directly by Telstra because it is needed for emergency help of an elderly, disabled person - but no internet.
    Young Simmo
    8th May 2014
    I think we have about as good a deal as you can get. It is a package that covers Landline, Mobile and Internet. 25 Gigs per month, of which we use somewhere from 10 to 15 Gigs. Because everything is in one package I pay $70.00 every pension day, and after 4 to 6 weeks I build up a credit around $120.00 to $140.00 and miss a $70 payment to get back to a good position. 3 items, one bill, and no worries.
    Oh yes it is with Telstra Bigpond.
    8th May 2014
    Good on you young Simmo. I think I will come over to WA. We are broke in Queensland. I use wireless.
    10th May 2014
    iPrimus is cheaper, no line rental, free phones calls local & interstate, the techs are in Melbourne and Internet is carried by Telstra, mobile phones carried by Optus.

    Look at the deals on the Internet.
    10th May 2014
    Check recent reviews for any company you are considering - and remember that price is not the only thing to consider.
    8th May 2014
    To get back on the subject of ONESeniors, I have just got off the phone with them. They said the new company are restoring as many connections as they can. Some may not be able to be restored, and customers are free to go with another provider (no exit fees will be charged). For those who are reconnected, they will be compensated for the days that they have been without service. I have been on the All In One plan, and haven't found anything else to come close to it, ie UNLIMITED internet, UNLIMITED phone calls to all phones (excluding the premium ones), and UNLIMITED calls to ALL MOBILE numbers.
    8th May 2014
    Well, we were with One seniors until the axe fell, but didn't realise it until I read the local paper this morning, because we don't need the company to use the net; we have two (one each) dongles connecting the Virgin wireless (which uses Optus) and for a number of years it has worked for us. Cost varies a little and depends on the offer of the month when we renew our 12GB sub, which lasts us each a bit under twelve months. Typically we pay about $150 per annum, so that's $300 a year for both.
    That's the net side sorted. We had a $20 a month plan with seniors and that did us comfortably because we rarely make outgoing calls and our bills hover around $22 a month including calls. So we'll have to find another provider for that bit and trust to Amaysim for telephone use until we get that sorted -- that will cost me some $10 for three months at my usage rate or nothing if we need to call overseas because we use Skype. Simple really.
    Best of luck one and all.
    8th May 2014
    The new company CANNOT reconnect our numbers. We have been advised to call iPrimus, but their plan is about $20 dearer, has only 500gb of data, and has only $10 credit on the mobile phone. After some discussion, they offered $100 cash back, but we think we will have to look further afield!
    8th May 2014
    Clee is correct, you can read the whole story here:
    8th May 2014
    Now been advised that our mobiles will be disconnected on 22nd May, so it's obviously everyone for themselves after that.
    9th May 2014
    Cancel your direct debit with your bank if you intend changing to another server. Contact the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) if you have any queries about your rights - or problems with payments. You may also need to contact the Administrator to ensure you are not over-charged for services not received (they all have websites, and One Seniors has a Facebook page). Contact Telstra to get back your phone connection if you need it for emergencies e.g. for a personal alarm. Don't put all your eggs in one basket e.g. have a different provider for at least one of your services.
    10th May 2014
    Pity we live in a backward country which stamps seniors with a use-by date.
    So-called primitive tribes and forward-thinking countries care for their seniors 100% of the time.
    Not Senile Yet!
    20th May 2014
    I am against too much regulation....unless it involves protecting the Vulnerable in our Great Country!
    Drew...ur story is not have not followed through with the reasons why it went into Administration.....bad reporting!
    Our Federal Government Telecommunications Administrators need to address the issue of any Senior having his/her Telecommunication's cut off in such situations and put in place a requirement for all Providers to supply written notice of alternative arrangements available to their clients prior to cutting them off!
    They are good issuing fines to us ......start issuing hefty fines to the Companies involved....including the Providers like Telstrs & Optus.
    Army veteran
    21st Jun 2015
    ONE Seniors / TADUS deserves to be out of business, I had constant problems with both my telephone and my broadband, their overseas call centre was absolutely hopeless, it took the intervention of the Communications Ombudsman office to enable me to get my money back and move to another supplier, since returning back to Telstra everything has been perfect, no one single fault in the past couple of years.

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