Age Pension – advance payments

A pension advance payment could help Tracy deal with a couple of unexpected bills.

Pension advance payments

Tracy has just received a couple of unexpected bills and doesn't want to rely on her credit card to pay them. A pension advance payment could help.

Q. How do I apply for a pension advance payment?
I've just received a couple of large, unexpected bills – one for car repairs and the other for medical services. I don't really want to use my credit card to pay them, as it will take me some time to pay them off, and the interest will cripple me. I think that utilising the Centrelink Advance Payment option is the best way to see me through. How do I arrange an advance payment?

A. Firstly, it should be noted that an advance payment is not an extra payment and you will be required to pay it back.

As a single aged pensioner, you can request one, two or three advance payments during a six-month period, as long as the total amount falls within the minimum and maximum amount. From 20 September 2017, these amounts are $422.30 and $1266.90, respectively. (For each member of a couple, the amounts are $318.35 and $955.05).

This amount is then repaid over the following 13 fortnightly payment cycles. Centrelink will only advance you an amount that it deems will not cause you financial hardship.

If you are on a part Age Pension, you can apply for an amount between the minimum amount that applies to your situation and the maximum. This is calculated based on your rate of pension payment.

You can apply for an advance payment via Centrelink’s Online Service or by calling 13 2300. If you prefer, you can visit a Centrelink Customer Service Centre.

For more information before you apply, we suggest you read the Department of Human Services' details on Advance Payments.

Updated 20 September 2017


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