Stylewatch: Winter essentials

Most of the country has had an amazing run with warm weather, but winter is just weeks away. It’s almost time to put away the shorts, shirts, lovely summer dresses and well-worn summer sandals and start to think about your autumn/winter needs.

I know guys in particular hate throwing anything out, but believe me, if you haven’t worn something in the past three years, or if it no longer fits, then it’s time to move it on.

We all live in hope that one day we will go on that amazing diet and be able to wear that ‘treasured piece’ again. And we all know that’s a most unlikely scenario!

Donate it to a charity if it’s still in good condition or bin it. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel with this wardrobe makeover, but we can tweak it without breaking the bank.

For the men

Denim jeans
Most men probably have a classic pair of jeans that fit well. However, if you do need to update, take a look at these two options, classic denim jeans from Gazman; or washed denim jeans from Target.

The shirt
There are so many amazing-looking check shirts around at the moment. I don’t like the lumberjack styles as they are way too casual, but a chambray multi-check shirt from Country Road is a great colour and shape. As an alternative, Uniqlo has an extensive range of shirts in a variety of fabrics. Take a look at this classic check.

The jacket
To bring the whole look together I suggest a classic zip front bomber jacket in navy from Country Road. However, this navy jacket from Target may also suit. 

The boot
This tan ankle boot from Myer has been reduced in price and has a leather upper and rubber sole. Or you may prefer this option from The Iconic, which still features elastic sides and the tan colouring, but in a more affordable man-made fibre.

For the women
I am only going to suggest three things to help spruce up your current autumn/winter wardrobe, as I don’t think we need to splash the cash at the moment.

Go plaid
This season it’s all about having something plaid in your wardrobe. For our generation, we have to be careful how we wear plaid, as it can be quite unbecoming in pants and way over the top in a jacket. I think this plaid longline cardigan is incredibly stylish and will be a valuable asset for winter. There is a plain reversible option for those who are not convinced about the checked version.

The scarf
The highlight colour for the season is either pink or red. I have chosen to go with red as I think it will brighten up your wardrobe at an affordable price. As a result, I have selected this crinkle version in a subdued shade of red or this pleated version.

Ponti pants
I love a pair of ponti pants as they are warm, washable and sometimes have an elastic waist. They look great with flat shoes and/or boots. You can dress them up or dress them down. They fit easily as they are a knit. These are my ‘pants of choice’ for winter, and black is my colour. I like the straight leg version if wearing ankle boots or flat shoes, but if wearing taller boots I am happy to go with the slightly more fitted ankle version with the elastic waist.

You’ll find these pants at all ends of the market and at various prices. The important thing to note is that you should source a quality that does not look like it’s going ‘pill’, and that it can endure the constant washing.

It is hard to believe that just around the corner, the June sales will be upon us. It has been a tough season for a lot of retailers this year with the weather unusually warm for a longer period of time, so my suggestion would be to keep your eyes open for some great sales as the retailers clear their overstocks.

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