The brands we trust the most

Reader’s Digest Australia has released its annual list of most trusted brands – the 19th time it has done so. One can only assume the polling was carried out before the banking royal commission spilt the beans on dodgy and unlawful behaviour among the banks and some financial advisers.

Why? Because CommBank was voted the most trusted bank, with honourable mentions to NAB and Westpac. One wonders how many conscientious objectors there may have been if the poll had been taken after the banking inquiry hit top gear.

The Reader’s Digest poll of 2450 Australians, conducted via Catalyst, uncovers the brands in key categories that are regarded as the “most trusted”.

This year, Band-Aid tops the list, Vegemite returns as the most iconic Australian brand, Coles is the most trusted supermarket, Bunnings the most trusted retailer and Guide Dogs Australia continues to be the most trusted charity.

In the superannuation category, AustralianSuper took top honours, with special mentions to Hostplus and Rest.

Toyota topped the cars category followed by Mazda and Mercedes-Benz; P&O topped the cruise category (Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean); Suncorp topped funeral insurance (Apia and Australian Seniors Insurance Agency); Medibank topped health insurance (Bupa and nib); Allianz topped life insurance (AAMI and AMP), and McCain topped readymade meals (Birdseye and Lite n’ Easy).

The top 15 across all trusted brand categories were:

1. Band-Aid

2. Dettol (first aid)

3. Colgate (toothpaste)

4. Gillette

5. Dulux

6. Dyson

7. Energizer

8. Cadbury

9. Weber

10. Bridgestone

11. Panadol

12. Aerogard (body insect repellent)

13. Listerine

14. Vegemite

15. Cancer Council (Sunscreen)

Announcing the 2018 results, Content Editor of Reader’s Digest Australia Louise Waterson raised the still touchy topic of the Australia cricket team in referencing the value of trust. The loss of trust in the team after the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa and the suspensions of former captain Steve Smith, vice-captain David Warner and player Cameron Bancroft underlined consumers’ need for trust in modern life, she said.

“As we’ve seen so clearly this year, trust can be hard earned and easily lost, and it can definitely be the difference between success and failure.

“It is built on quality, consistency, honesty and delivering on your promise.

“Trust matters, and congratulations to those who have managed to earn it. They enjoy a hard-fought competitive advantage in this day and age.

“The importance of trust – in a digital age influenced by social media tribes – seems to get more important each and every year.”

Do you agree with the results of the Reader’s Digest poll? Does trust influence your purchases or is price the key? Do you look for Australian made?

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