The globe-trotting Russian grandma

It’s never too late to take up a new hobby. Eighty-nine-year-old Russian grandmother, Yelena Yerkhova travels the world, collecting friends and experiences, as a world-famous ‘Instagran’.

Yelena, or Lena, lives in Kranoyarsk, Siberia and only began travelling at the age of 83 after being unable to do so for many years because of her work and family commitments, punctuated by the falling of the Iron Curtain. The Russian grandmother, who served during World War II as a home front worker, received an increased pension, setting aside10,000 roubles (AU$209) per month towards her travel fund. She also grows her own flowers to sell and does sewing jobs.

Lena’s Instagram account, managed by her grandson, shows her living it up on her travels. Some of the countries Lena has visited recently include Vietnam, Israel, Czech Republic and Germany. For her 90th birthday next year, Lena hopes to visit either Italy or the Dominican Republic.

From drinking cocktails in Vietnam to riding a camel in Israel, it certainly looks like Lena’s having ball!

Written by ameliath


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