The world’s first wine spa is here

Previously only figments of your wildest dreams, wine spas are now a real-life reality. Hot on the heels of the world’s first wine fountain, there seems to be a definite trend when it comes to red wine and tourist attractions lately.

Thanks to the good citizens of Japan, you can now bathe in a red wine hot spring. The Yunessun Spa Resort describes itself as a spa theme park, with several themed spas similar to those of an Ancient Roman bath.

Alongside the expected traditional treatments, the drink-themed onsens (spas to us) are the main drawcard. Not only can you take the plunge in a red wine hot spring, but there are also pools filled with green tea, coffee, hot sake and, wait for it, ramen noodles.

yunessun wine spa

Aside from the novelty factor, each of the onsens is said to provide a detoxing health benefit or improve skin conditions. Green tea helps with anti-ageing, coffee reduces cellulite, sake assists with easing sunspots and red wine boosts skin-protecting antioxidants.

With daily wine and coffee-pouring ceremonies when the spas are refilled, we still wouldn’t be rushing to drink from any of them. However, floating in a red wine-filled spa does seem pretty close to what heaven must be like.

We are not going to lie – we’re feeling pretty envious of the residents of Hakone in Tokyo right now!

Find out more at Atlas Obscura.

Would you like to see red wine spas in Australia? If you had to pick between the coffee, green tea, sake and red wine spa which one would you choose?

Written by SJ


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