The world’s best airlines for customer service

The world’s best airlines for customer service, as judged by T+L readers.

Airlines are constantly upgrading their fleets, providing the latest in aero-technology bot inside and outside of the fuselage. One area carriers have been concentrating on is the inflight experience, with an emphasis on customer service.

Each year, Travel + Leisure release its World’s Best Awards. Today, we bring you the world’s best international airlines for customer service, as judged by T+L readers.

10. All Nippon Airways

9. Korean Air

8. Cathay Pacific Airways, International

7. Qatar Airways, International

6. Air New Zealand, International

5. Porter Airlines, International

4. Etihad Airways, International

3. Virgin Atlantic Airways, International

2. Emirates, International

1. Singapore Airlines, International

singapore airlines flight attendant

Singapore Airlines famous ‘Singapore Girls’ lead the pack with great attentive service from attendants trained to be international diplomats. There is no inflight situation the staff at Singapore Airlines can’t handle with poise and confidence. Even economy passengers are treated like first-class flyers.

“Every airline should take lessons from Singapore Airlines,” suggested one voter.

“[It’s] the absolute best airline I have flown with for customer service,” said another. “… the personnel are very helpful and considerate.”

Have you ever flown with Singapore Airlines? How was your experience?



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    6th Oct 2017
    Love Cathay Pacific
    7th Oct 2017
    I was on a singapore flight and noticed the flight attendant on her knees on the floor rolling up those little white towels they give out on the next flight, next time you are offered one refuse.
    7th Oct 2017
    Loved the in flight service from Singapore Air. Its ironic they copied Qantas service model before it was sold to private enterprise. Now it rates no 7. Not my first choice any more.
    8th Oct 2017
    Sorry 4b2,
    Qantas didn't make the top 10! Number 7 was QATAR Airways! (Pronounced 'cutter' I'm led to believe).

    I still like flying Qantas though. It's good to hear the Aussie accents and when I am coming back I feel like I'm 'home' when I get on a Qantas plane. :)
    7th Oct 2017
    I have flown quite a few different airlines, and always go back to Singapore. The service, smiles, food especially and the comfy seats with ample leg room (I am 5ft 10in) make this airline my number 1
    7th Oct 2017
    I am over six foot and have just travelled from Melbourne to Adelaide aboard a beautiful new QANTAS Boeing 747 800. QANTAS has installed 30 rows of seats, thus ruining the plane by corporate greed. There was less than my hand span between the front of my seat cushion and the back of the seat in front. Fortunately there was a vacant seat next to me so I was able to sit diagonally for the whole trip. Most uncomfortable. If it was a workplace, then the employer would be in breach of OHS ergonomic standards. Why are there no Australian Standards on airline seating? We are not cargo, we need room to move. No wonder QANTAS is not in the top ten listing, they have lost touch with the customer base.
    Singapore Airlines and SilkAir have a seat spacing that allow me to sit in comparative comfort as does Air Vietnam, this is despite the fact that they are serving a clientele that on average is shorter than the average Australian. It Alan Joyce and the board of QANTAS want to fit out their aircraft to suit Leprechauns, that is fine but don't expect to gain any support from the tall antipodean travellers. I will never give another cent to QANTAS unless they improve their customer service standards.
    7th Oct 2017
    We flew to and from Europe with Singapore Airlines 12 months ago. We enjoyed really great customer service and cannot speak highly enough of he flight attendants on all our flights.
    Will choose them again when next we fly.
    The Black Fox
    7th Oct 2017
    We travelled Economy Class from Perth to Paris and return with Singapore Airlines. It cost us $1,670.00 all up - $835.00 each. The crew discovered it was our 50th wedding anniversary and made us feel special all the way there and back. We cannot thank them enough for their kindness. Singapore Airlines provided wonderful service and we would recommend them wholeheartedly.
    7th Oct 2017
    The difference is that Singapore has very intensive training for all its staff. They are taught CUSTOMER SERVICE, and their jobs depend on keeping customers happy.

    I could never speak highly enough about the service I have enjoyed over the years on Singapore Airlines. They have looked after me far better than I ever got at Qantas. Last year my partner and I flew to Hong Kong, and I needed wheelchair assistance on this trip. Singapore staff along with the Changi Airport and Hong Kong Airport staff were absolutely fantastic, every step of the way from check in to arrival. I didn't have to ask for anything, it was all done automatically and with a smile. In fairness I will say that Cathay Pacific were almost as good on a previous trip from Frankfurt to Singapore via Hong Kong. The checkin staff saw me with my walking stick, and as Frankfurt is such a big airport, had a wheelchair there for me within minutes.

    It is a long time since I flew Qantas, but I am sure I would never get any service remotely as good. Virgin Australia have also been excellent when I have needed assistance, both on the ground and during the flight.
    11th Oct 2017
    Would never travel Singapore Airlines again after en route from Heathrow to Melbourne they switched my seats at Singapore to the toilet/baby section. Because I was a single traveller I think I drew the straw. Little sleep. Cathay Pacific are my number one choice.
    18th Jan 2018
    Love the prices for travelling Scoot - low cost Singapore Airlines - but really shocked that water needs to be paid for. $4 for small bottle (last time I traveled) and you are not allowed to BYO water