Age Pension residency requirements

Strict residency requirements exist for those wishing to claim the Age Pension. YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Jamie, would like to know if he can claim the Age Pension from the Philippines.

Q. Jamie
I am an Australian citizen currently residing in the Philippines. I worked in Sydney for almost nine years before I was reassigned to Manila in late 1996. I am now 63-years old and would like to know if I am entitled to the Age Pension when I turn 65. I am currently unemployed and retired from my previous job when I reached the age of 60.

A. Provided by Centrelink
To qualify for the Age Pension you must be an Australian resident and reside in Australia on the day that you lodge your claim. You also need to meet the 10-year qualifying Australian residence requirements, unless you are claiming under an International Social Security Agreement. There is currently no International Social Security Agreement with the Philippines.

The 10-year Australian residence requirement means you have been an Australian resident for a continuous period of at least 10 years, or for a number of periods which total more than 10 years, with one of the periods being at least five years.

For more information visit the Centrelink Residence requirements page.

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