Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 47

This week, John is joined by the general manager at www.ratecomparison.com.au, Matt Gatt, whose guidance could be the difference between retiring with a huge debt or being largely debt-free in your post-work years, or even being able to significantly reduce your debt once you’ve retired.

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Next in is Peter Douglas from the Globus Family of Brands, who talks about why dreaming about travel doesn’t – and should never – stop, regardless of how the pandemic is changing the industry. Peter also explains how the travel sector will evolve to ensure that guests can safely enjoy holidays in the future and why now is the perfect time to dream and plan travel in the future.

The Globus Family of Brands include:

NB: At time of recording, the suspension on GFOB tours was to end of June. As of May 12, this changed to end of August.

And lastly, the chief medical adviser to the Australian Digital Health Agency Professor Meredith Makeham returns with some big news about digital prescriptions and other ways you can make MyHealthRecord work better for you and those tasked with looking after your health.

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