Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 54

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No matter how small your shareholding might be, it’s always helpful to learn ways of managing this precious investment. In today’s Mind Your Own Retirement podcast, Gary Stone from Share Wealth Systems recommends being a tortoise – taking the slow and steady approach to building your wealth. Find out how this works and the results Gary’s system have delivered by visiting www.sharewealthsystems.com.

Managing your health during the current pandemic is challenging, to say the least. The major concern is that underlying health needs are being ignored, and that’s why we are speaking with Dr Andrew Rochford from the Australian Digital Health Agency about why you should NOT put your health on hold.

For more information visit www.digitalhealth.gov.au.

And when it comes to travel, it’s tricky to plan ahead as state borders close, open and then close again. Undeterred, we’re dreaming of the Queensland sun and who better to guide us through the best Indigenous tourism experiences in the sunshine state than expert Shelley Winters?

Jarramali Rock Art Tours, Cooktown
Normanby Station Tour, Cooktown
Janbal Art Gallery, Mossman Gorge
Saltwater Eco Cruise, Mooloolaba
Nyanda Cultural Tours, Brisbane
Spirits Of Red Sand, Brisbane
BlackCard Cultural Tours, Brisbane

So put in the EarPods, put on the headphones, or listen out loud in your car as Deeksie and Kaye ask the questions you want answered when it comes to your money, health and travel needs.

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