Podcast: How to get a good job over 50

Retirement once meant a gold watch and dozing in a rocking chair – but not any more. Both John Deeks and our guest today, Rupert French, can attest to that.

Mr French is the author of How to get a good job over 50 and, as an employment counsellor and job search trainer, has been helping job seekers for almost 40 years. He confirms that many people are looking to stay in the workforce longer and are seeking satisfying and fulfilling jobs. 

Mr French speaks candidly about age discrimination and suggests new ways to look for employment – and it’s not searching the internet. He says the traditional job-seeker sifts through jobs and puts in a “half-hearted application”. They don’t hear anything back and that affirms their lack of confidence. It’s time to change and Mr French shares tips, advice and research.

Listen in to find out the importance and benefits of being an older job seeker and the steps to snare that dream job. You can order Rupert French’s book here.