What do you really think about retirement living?

Do you think retirement villages could be better designed?

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Win one of three iPads for sharing your views on retirement living options.

When it comes to planning and designing a retirement living complex, the views of the end user are often overlooked.

Some 90 per cent of eligible Australians don’t like the retirement village option, quite possibly because they can be designed better. But has anyone asked you what you think?

Ellivo is an architectural practice based in Brisbane that focuses on the needs of the end users in its projects. Whether that’s residents in apartment buildings, shoppers in a shopping centre or indeed, residents in a retirement village. They want to know what you do and don’t like, and what features you would like to see more and less of when it comes to retirement living options.

This simple online survey, with 12 multiple choice questions, will enable you to share your views. And if you enter your details, you will go into the draw to win one of three iPads. Rest assured, your details will not be provided to anyone else, and will be erased once the winners have been drawn.

Ready to share your opinions and help Ellivo Architects to design better retirement living options?

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    28th Feb 2017
    Retirement living is great. The best thing since sliced bread. My wife and I have total freedom to do what we want to do and when. New interests have been developed. Sporting activities have accelerated over a period of twenty years. We have a new car, down sized to a more modern and easy to manage new home. Holidays are regular. There is are an excellent superannuation and an annuity paid regularly each month. Health is good. Life is very good.
    28th Feb 2017
    Whilst retirement villages appeal to myself, the costs of the weekly levies and the termination costs when you vacate the property are scandalous, between 35 and 45% of the selling fee. Every time I consider moving into a village the costs involved deter me from going any further, these properties are supposed to be cheaper than normal housing but they are just as much if not dearer. As one salesperson said to me "you are not buying an investment but you are buying a lifestyle." But when I loose almost half of my purchase fee upon selling I consider that is a pretty expensive lifestyle.
    1st Mar 2017
    I think most of the new retirement villages do not have exit fees when you sell. Because they are offering this, the ones with exit fees will end up on the scrap heap. The levy you have to pay is rent and you can get government rent assistance if you quality. That probably makes it more reasonable to live there. Having limited space and close neighbours is a one of the things that does not appeal to me. Feeling safe is probably of high importance. I love to garden so the thought of not really having a yard puts me off also. But a community garden would be great.
    7th Mar 2017
    My parents final 10 yrs were definitely improved in their retirement village. Stress was removed and they were able to keep to themselves or socialize as it suited them. The services were great and my mother still had a small front and back garden and outdoor pergola where my dad read his paper every morning. My" beef" would be the amount of money that was retained after they died and the drawn out time period before the villa was sold with monthly fees still being drawn out of my mothers bank account. I had to counteract my anger and frustration with the retirement village's greed by remembering that my parents had a reasonable life there.

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