How to advertise to over 50s

One man who is getting it right when it comes to marketing to the 50 plus audience.

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Computer infection quick fix

Drew explains how to fix an infected computer

Computer Tutorials

Advertisers on Facebook leverage your name

Drew explains how advertisers on Facebook are using your name to help promote their brands and how to update your settings to prevent it from happening.

Computer Tutorials

Music for free

The music business has changed significantly over the past few years and listening to music online for free is becoming the norm. Drew explains two ways to listen for free.

Children sexualised in advertising

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has released a statement calling for the Government to enforce advertising regulations in Australia regarding the sexualisation of children in advertising. The AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton has said that “self-regulation by the advertising industry is clearly not working”.


Let children be children

I have been sucked in by the American reality television show Dance Moms. I’m not proud of the fact. It showcases everything vile about reality television and each episode makes me weep for the human condition. But it’s so addictive. The show follows a group of mothers and their children (aged six to fourteen) as the kids get ready to compete at a big national dance competition. The dance coach is abusive, manipulative and a prime example of the saying ‘those who can’t do, teach’. The mums sit in a little fishbowl room above the studio and watch her yell at their kids for eight hours straight each day.

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