Calls for other states to follow WA’s mandatory vaccination lead

West Australia has introduced mandatory vaccinations for aged care workers and there are calls for other states to follow suit to protect the most vulnerable.

Aged Care

New data shows how to make big savings on home care

Government update shows how administration fees are eating into some home care packages.

Aged Care

Federal government’s aged care failings coming back to bite

COVID-19 has returned to federally run aged care facilities in Melbourne, raising serious questions about how the government has failed to protect those most vulnerable to the virus.

Aged Care

Most Australians support a tax levy to improve aged care

The vast majority of Australians are not confident in the aged care system and are willing to pay more in taxes to fix it.

Aged Care

Medication mistakes show ‘we can’t get basics right’

Symposium told that almost half of medicine complaints related to 'basic administration'.

Federal Budget

Federal Budget 2021-22: What’s in it for older Australians?

It was the budget we had to have, but what's in it for older Australians? YourLifeChoices breaks down Federal Budget 2021-22, including all the incentives for senior Australians and retirees.

Federal Budget

Scandal-plagued aged care system gets funding overhaul

The government allocates $17.7 billion to reform the aged care system over four years and vows to fund an extra 80,000 home care packages.

Aged Care

Older Australians receive less support than people who qualify for NDIS

Older Australians receive as little as a quarter of the government-supported funds than people with similar impairments who qualify for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Aged Care

Government promises Budget ‘fix’ for aged care but funding unclear

Extra money could come from new Medicare-style levy on income and changes to the Age Pension assets test, Grattan Institute proposes.


How one aged care provider beat Australia’s slow vaccine rollout

Australia's progress in vaccinating some of its highest-priority citizens has been slower than anyone wanted, but one Melbourne aged care provider is streets ahead of the rest.

Federal Government

Government appoints controversial new minister for government services

The prime minister has announced a new minister for government services, with the controversial Linda Reynolds taking over from the controversial Stuart Robert.

Aged Care

102yo grandmother scammed out of aged care bond in $375,000 email hack

When 102-year-old Nancy Pun's $375,000 aged care home deposit was stolen, her family could not bring themselves to tell her.

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