Brain Training

Best apps for an active brain

Exercising your mind is as vital as exercising your body. These free brain game apps will help to improve your memory, reflexes and problem-solving skills.


How to make your phone dumb

Your phone is designed to take your attention at every opportunity, but there are ways to fight back and make your time your own again.


Wow the grandkids on your video call

Grandparent–grandchildren video calls are vital during COVID-19. Here are some simple ways to improve them.

Aged Care

App to protect aged care residents?

A new app developed by RateIt and St Vincent’s Care Services could protect and connect aged care residents, allowing facilities to seamlessly book in and report visits.

Computer Tutorials

Seven Skype tips and tricks

Skype is the best tool to make audio calls, video calls and instant messaging. However, it offers many other features.


Apps to kickstart the brain

Whether you’re dreaming of that next overseas trip or just want to stimulate your brain, these mobile apps help you integrate your learning into your daily routine – no matter where you are.


Play The Amazing Race

Do you enjoy watching the Amazing Race? This app may be for you.

Banking & Investment

CBA offers digital receipts

The Commonwealth Bank will provide itemised digital receipts through its app.

Retirement Village Living

An app to help families connect

App designed to help combat the communication breakdowns caused by COVID-19.


Concerns over COVIDSafe app

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network has issues with how public education about the COVIDSafe app could hamper its functionality.

Banking & Investment

Aussies seek digital welfare support

The number of Australians seeking access to welfare support and unclaimed cash through Commonwealth Bank’s digital feature ‘Benefits finder’ more than doubled the month after the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, according to new data released by the bank.

Banking & Investment

Apps to help track your spending

Get to know your spending habits with one of these free budgeting apps.

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