Google Maps is about to become more intelligent than ever

Google announces that it is bringing more than 100 artificial intelligence improvements to Google Maps.


The best health and fitness apps and wearables

The Australian Institute of Fitness has released its top 10 health and fitness wearables for everyday consumers, according to a recent survey of leading industry experts and professionals.


The easy way to get medication delivered to your door

Australians can now access their medication and over-the-counter remedies by simply downloading the new Chemist2U app or ordering online.

Brain Training

Best apps for an active brain

Exercising your mind is as vital as exercising your body. These free brain game apps will help to improve your memory, reflexes and problem-solving skills.


How to turn your smartphone into a dumb phone

Your phone is designed to take your attention at every opportunity, but there are ways to fight back and make your time your own again.


Turn yourself into a pro for those all-important family video calls

Grandparent–grandchildren video calls are vital during COVID-19. Here are some simple ways to improve them.

Aged Care

Clever app could protect aged care residents whilst still allowing visits

A new app developed by RateIt and St Vincent’s Care Services could protect and connect aged care residents, allowing facilities to seamlessly book in and report visits.

Computer Tutorials

How to use Skype as a security camera and other cool tricks

Skype is the best tool to make audio calls, video calls and instant messaging. However, it offers many other features.


Apps to help you learn a new language and kickstart the brain

Whether you’re dreaming of that next overseas trip or just want to stimulate your brain, these mobile apps help you integrate your learning into your daily routine – no matter where you are.


Enjoy watching The Amazing Race? Why not try it yourself?

Do you enjoy watching the Amazing Race? This app may be for you.

Banking & Investment

An easier way to manage returns, warranties and your budget

The Commonwealth Bank will provide itemised digital receipts through its app.

Retirement Village Living

App to help families communicate during COVID-19

App designed to help combat the communication breakdowns caused by COVID-19.

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