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The Age Pension and downsizing

Will I lose my pension if I sell my home or downsize to a smaller one? Learn the effects of selling or downsizing on income and assets test for your age pension.

Age Pension

Home purchase and the pension

Gloudina wants to buy half of her daughter’s house but is worried that it will affect her pension.

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Owning property on multiple titles

Warren is planning a tree change but wants to know the effect of buying a property on five titles.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Are you still a homeowner?

Vikki has sold her home and plans to buy another. Is she still considered a homeowner?

Centrelink – Services Australia

Can a margin loan reduce assets?

Hyacinth wants to know how Centrelink assesses her margin loan.


New Age Pension qualifying limits

The Department of Social Services has released the revised income and assets test thresholds for the Age Pension that will take effect from 1 July 2019.

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What do I need to tell Centrelink?

Gail wants to withdraw a sum of money from a term deposit and wants to know whether she has to inform Centrelink.

Age Pension

Checking income and asset tests

Marjie is currently assessed under the income test and wants to know what she needs to do to be assessed under the assets test.


Aussies tightening their belts

Australia’s financial comfort gap has narrowed for the first time in seven years, but many Australians are tightening their belts regardless.

Pension eligibility

How much land is too much?

When your ‘house block’ is several hectares rather than a few hundred square metres in the suburbs, how does Centrelink assess your eligibility for an Age Pension?

Credit Cards

What if your property doesn’t sell?

Downsizing might seem like a great idea, but what do you do if your property doesn’t sell?

Centrelink – Services Australia

Is Tina being short-changed?

Tina has listed her assets and wants to know why she is not receiving a full Age Pension.

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