How the ATO checks on you

The ATO estimates that it is missing out on $906 per person – and it is on a mission to lower that mark.

Finance News

Woman cops suspended sentence for ignoring 91 tax returns

A 65-year-old Geraldton woman has been ordered to lodge her outstanding 91 tax returns and sentenced to a 12-month suspended sentence in prison.


Taxman to have last say on early release superannuation

Oversight of the early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds will be transferred from the Department of Human Services to the taxman from 1 July.


ATO looking to give away billions

It’s that time of the year again – when the Australian Tax Office (ATO) almost turns Father Christmas.


Are you missing your share of $18 billion?

One in four Australians have claims to more than $18 billion in superannuation currently being held by Super funds and the ATO.


How many times is your super taxed?

If you get the feeling that the taxman is double dipping into your superannuation savings, you are not wrong. The Australian Taxation Office is expected to collect $7.7 billion from your nest egg this year.

Federal Government

YourLifeChoices takes your views on tax to Parliament

Recently, we asked your thoughts on tax returns and your interactions with the Australian Taxation Office. On Tuesday, Kaye and Drew presented the results to Parliament.


Five weird tax deductions you could be missing out on

For those who agonise over whether or not the printer ink you use to print your tax return is indeed a legitimate deduction, don’t fret – the tax man really does have bigger fish to fry! Here are five weird tax deductions that are perfectly legitimate.


Will you be in the ATO's sights at tax time?

If you're earning extra income through sharing economy platforms such as Uber and Airbnb, or own rental property, you’ll be in the ATO’s crosshairs come tax time.

Finance News

Don’t fall foul of tax scam

If you receive a call from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) demanding money, firstly, it’s important not to panic and secondly, don’t pay the caller a cent.


Tax time: common scams to lookout for

With the end of the financial year just around the corner, it’s time to be prepared for the influx of scam ATO emails, phone calls and text messages. So to keep your inbox and your money safe, here’s a rundown of scams that often do the rounds.


Is your data safe with the ATO? Senate hearing reveals all

Yesterday a Senate estimates hearing in Canberra heard from senior tax office officials that up to 30 ATO staff had accessed taxpayers’ private data without authority.

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