The top five scams you must learn to recognise

For a scam-free festive season, make sure you stay alert for these callers.


Postage charges set to rise

The Federal Government yesterday signed off on Australia Post’s plans to reduce the number of daily mail services, unless a premium for such is paid.


Australia Post prices to rise

Higher delivery costs and an ailing letter delivery service are being blamed by Australia Post for the rising costs for sending parcels and other services.

PM writes pensioners a letter

Despite the plans to cut Australia Post snail mail deliveries from five days a week to three, it is reported that the Federal Government will post a personally addressed letter to 2.4 million age pensioners, in an attempt to explain changes to the pension post Budget 2014.

Safety Online

Australia Post email scam

A new scam is disguising itself as an official communication from Australia Post. Find out how to protect yourself from this worrying security threat.


Post prices on the rise again

Australia Post has notified the ACCC of a proposed increase in the standard postage rate.


Paying for your post

Is a daily mail delivery really necessary?


Public assets on the chopping block

Australia Post, SBS, NDIS and Medibank Private are three public assets we may lose.

When is a post office not a PO?

When is a post office not a post office?