Federal Government

Australian republicans keen to restart head of state debate

Australian republican movement suggests new model to replace the Queen.


FiFi's favourite finds under $200 for instant wardrobe joosh

I’ve been on the hunt for the best FiFi Finds this season under about $200.


Want $300 off your health insurance and waived waiting periods?

Up to $300 off combined hospital and extras cover.

Federal Government

Finally, a final 'Resting Place' for stolen indigenous remains

The Resting Place will serve as a site for the care of Ancestral Remains returning from collections in Australia and around the globe whose cultural groups are unknown and are unable to make the journey home to Country.

Trivia Quiz

How much can you remember about Australia in 2021?

A lot happened in Australia in 2021. How much can you remember? Take our quiz to find out.


Why you should visit capital cities this summer

While most people use summer holidays to flock to the beaches and the regions, it is the perfect time to visit a capital city.

Finance News

Why Australians should check their latest electricity bill

Hidden charges are pumping up Aussie energy bills. When’s the last time you checked yours?

Health news

How to pay less on your health insurance when you’re not sick

Everyday health expenses like dentists and glasses can really add up. But by switching health insurance you can save money even when you’re not sick.

Mortgage & home Loans

If you could cut 9 years off your home loan term, would you?

By refinancing at a reduced interest rate, you could pay off your home loan years earlier than expected.

Health news

2021’s price of loyalty to your insurer: A 2.74% price hike

If you’re sick and tired of paying the price of loyalty, here’s what you can do with your health insurance.

Health news

Are health insurance discounts and freebies worth it?

If you got hooked in by a freebie when you took out your health insurance, you could now be paying for cover you won’t use. Our specialists can help you get more value from your cover.


Life insurance from $10.25 for Australians over 45*

Many middle-aged Australians are put off from taking out life insurance due to the cost. But some policies can start from as little as $10.25 a week*.

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