Wendy James never saw the Bombing of Darwin

Eighty-six-year-old Wendy James will never forget seeing the newspaper headline “Darwin bombed”, even though she was just six at the time. Weeks earlier, she had…


Posts disappear amid Facebook news ban

Facebook has restricted access to news in Australia, and so far the tech giant seems to have taken a pretty broad definition of news. Key…

Food & Wine

Ten best restaurants in Australia

Australia is home to some of the most exciting and forward-thinking dining experiences in the world. How many are hiding in your home state?


Where to eat, drink and play on Kangaroo Island

Easily accessible from Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is a spectacular retreat from the modern world where travellers can embrace a slower, more relaxed pace of living.


Visiting New Zealand

New Zealand is just a hop, skip and a jump across the Tasman and offers so much for the novice and experienced senior traveller. With sweeping coastlines, rainforest, mountain ranges and even the odd volcano, there’s the chance to relax and rejuvenate, get active, or even have your own thrill-seeking adventure.


Visiting Ireland

Ireland sits just off the west coast of Britain and is 134,000km2 of rugged coastline, sandy beaches, winding roads, green hills and thousands of years of history for you to explore and discover. Travel now Australian Senior


Researching Genealogy

Discover your family history with these ten fantastic websites.


Your technology questions answered

This helpful page has information on Microsoft Word, updating your pc, anti-virus software, the purchase of Skype and help with getting started online. Do you…


Cooking for Christmas

Deeksie and Liv talk all things festive – from choosing the best recipes and saving at the checkout to making the most of your Christmas Day leftovers.

Travel News

WA opens borders – but not to everyone

Starting this week, most travellers will be able to enter Western Australia without quarantining, but South Australians will still require travel exemptions.


Five affordable outback breaks

Get out of town, get to the outback. This affordable five rural retreats make outback Australia a whole lot more accessible.

New South Wales

Why New South Wales is far from burnt out

Sarah Marshall reflects on her trip to New South Wales and shares how the state is recovering after its battle with drought, bushfires and flooding.

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