A strange new world

It was a culture shock for Peter Leith and his family, arriving in Perth from India in 1938.


Travel Vision: It’s time to holiday here this year

For the first time in a while, Tourism Australia is turning its attention to the domestic market and encouraging Australians to support our travel industry by holidaying at home this year instead of overseas.


What you need to know about the bushfires and how to help

As the unprecedented bushfires continue to rage unabated, we provide all the info you need.


Help Australia’s bushfire victims without making a big deal of it

Scott Morrison has been slammed for politicising Australia’s bushfire crisis.

Health News

Where can I find a doctor or chemist

Getting sick on holiday is no fun. Next time you’re planning a trip make sure you take this new website or app with you so you can search for your nearest doctor or 24-hour chemist anywhere in Australia.


Tourism Australia’s new campaign slammed on social media

Tourism Australia’s new ‘philausophy’ on promoting tourism to our wide brown land has been met with mixed responses.


What if Australia was a town of 100: Ipsos report

Each year, Ipsos undertakes research with over a million Australians to learn (within known margins of error) about sentiments across the wider population.


SeaLink Travel Group launches Brilliant Travels platform

SeaLink Travel Group’s Brilliant Travels platform promotes the diverse destinations and iconic and unique experiences that SeaLink connects people to across Australia.


Is it too late to see the reef in all its glory?

Global warming is having a huge impact on the Great Barrier Reef. Should we rush to see it now or is it too late?


Drew shares his tips for picking a 2019 Melbourne Cup winner

The Melbourne Cup has become one of Australia’s most watched events. Drew looks into the history of the Cup and explains how to choose your horse.


Australian place names ending in ‘up’

Steve Perkin shares the history behind southern Western Australian place names that end with ‘up’.


Are there companies that do cruises around Australia?

Colin and his wife would like to tour Australia by sea, but is this even possible?

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