Cakes & Baking

Millionaire's Shortbread

Money's tight and times are hard but that shouldn’t stop the odd little extravagance. Put a smile back on your face with this recipe for Millionaire's Shortbread also known as caramel slice.


Five tips for buying a computer

Buying a new or used computer can be a daunting task with CPU, RAM and gigabytes flying all over the place, but what do you really need to know to get the best product at the right price?

Party Food

How to make chocolate

Learn how to make chocolate from scratch in under 10 minutes


Before you take off – take up a Will and Power of Attorney

When you go on holidays of course you do all sorts of things you wouldn't normally do.


Ten top keyboard shortcuts

Drew shares his top ten keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac which are guaranteed to save you hours.

81 with a bullet

81 year old John Gilbert Gordon of Brisbane was sentenced to two-and-a-half years behind bars last week after sending death threats and explosive packages to a number of high profile political leaders including Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

Julian Assange loses final appeal

After being detained in December 2010 on a European Arrest Warrant, Julian Assange has lost his final appear in a British court and will be extradited to Sweden to face rape and sexual assault charges.

The big gamble

The multi-party climate committee’s decision to place a starting price of $23 per tonne on carbon dioxide is nothing short of gutsy. While the Greens and independent MPs may be held marginally responsible at the next election, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) will be the one feeling the wrath of the Australian voter.

Sporting legend fights dementia

Aussie rules icon Ron Barassi has revealed that he is suffering from dementia. Featured on 60 Minutes last night, Barassi told how he was suffering short-term memory loss and forgetting things like what he had for dinner last night.

Tours & Trips

Top ten overseas destinations

A trip overseas is no doubt a luxury yet surprisingly, over 40 per cent of YOURLifeChoices subscribers undertake international travel at least once a year. So where are they travelling?


Yabby ravioli with wild lime and shiitake

This all-Australian dish is a little fiddly, but the end results are well worth it!


Simple Crocodile Curry

Looking for a new dish? This Simple Crocodile Curry is a great introduction to a unique ingredient.

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