Do you remember words such as murgatroyd and okidoki?

Do you remember words such as murgatroyd and okidoki that were popular when many baby boomers were growing up? Let’s head down memory lane.


Retire the retirement village

We’re living longer and we’re healthier – time to rethink how our buildings, suburbs and streets are organised.


If your retirement is less than perfect, this can help

Retirement is sometimes referred to as the ‘golden years’, but for many, the road to and through retirement is anything but golden. Psychologist Judy Rafferty offers some signposts.


Stopping ageism

Dr. Marlene Krasovitsky, discussed the negative impacts of ageism, including employment discrimination.

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Boomers spending kids’ inheritance

Baby boomers are spending about $1 billion of their children’s inheritance every year by gradually cashing in the equity in their homes, says new report.

Health & Ageing

Are we the binge drinking boomers?

There is a newfound sobriety among younger Australians, according to a report. But at the other end of the scale, research reveals a binge-drinking boom.


Are we doing enough to prepare for retirement?

Baby boomers are ensuring that retirement in the 21st century will be vastly different to that experienced by our parents and grandparents. But are we well enough equipped to deal with the challenges?


For the first time in centuries, we're setting up a generation to be worse off than the one before it

A new Grattan Institute report, Generation gap: ensuring a fair go for younger Australians, reveals that today’s younger generation does not enjoy a better economic standard of living than preceding generations.


The key to older baby boomers’ prosperity

Financial helpline counsellors say they are on track to receive a record number of calls from older Australians struggling in poverty.


The retirees who failed financial literacy test revealed

Survey finds only 40 per cent of Australians meet a basic threshold for financial literacy and classes 39 per cent of baby boomers as financially vulnerable.

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Baby boomers are changing the face of travel

Baby boomers are changing the face of travel, and Travel Team CEO Perry Morcombe has been leading the change.

Health news

Government asks Australians to define elder abuse

A think tank is calling on Australians to help it define elder abuse for a Federal Government strategy to deal with a potential crisis as more baby boomers lose their independence.

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