Alternative solutions to back pain

Backs can ‘go’ at any moment and while it can be incredibly painful, reaching for the pill packet isn’t always the best solution.


The leading cause of disability worldwide is …

It’s disabling and painful and often recurrent, and it affects several large groups of people because of our lifestyles.


Physiotherapist explains codeine changes

Changing codeine to a prescription-only drug means that patients living with pain must seek alternative treatments.


Does back pain keep you from doing the things you love?

As we get older, the body can start to let us down and back pain is one of the culprits – just ask Tiger Woods.


Why improving muscle, bone and joint health can’t wait

A different approach to treatment would help the 6.8 million Australians struggling from muscle, bone and joint conditions, a new report by PwC has found.

Health news

Managing back pain this festive season

Back pain is a pain in the backside, especially if you can’t get to your physiotherapist to have it rectified. Jason Lee has some handy hints to help you with the pain over the festive period.

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Tips for bad backs

Until you've had one, you can't ever know how debilitating and painful a bad back can be. Better to avoid one altogether, of course. Following these tips may reduce the chance of injuring your back, or recurring pain if you already have a problem.

Alternative Therapies

Walk to alleviate lower-back pain

Study shows walking is an effective way to alleviate lower-back pain


Stop computer screens destroying your eyesight

Working for just two hours on a laptop can cause a significant increase in eye pain and vision problems. Stop computer screens from destroying your eyes with these 12 simple steps.