Airlines unite on bag crackdown

Australian airlines have joined forces, putting into effect new rules to crack down on domestic passengers who exceed baggage limits.


Keep your bags in check

So you’ve got some baggage, maybe a lot of baggage, or maybe you get stressed dragging your belongings from A to B. This gadget is for you.


Airports keep luggage ‘grounded’

The air transport industry now requires all members to sign onto a high-tech luggage tracking system that is hoped will one day see the problem of lost baggage close to eliminated.


What happens to lost luggage?

For every 1000 global passengers travelling by air, almost six pieces of luggage were misplaced, according to authorities.


How to get your bags first

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to have your bags come out first, or at least in the first few? Well, here are a couple of sneaky tips that may ensure your luggage leads the pack.


How not to lose your luggage

Did you know that one piece of luggage for every 100 passengers gets lost at the airport? Here are some handy tips to make sure that poor sucker isn’t you.


Reduce the clutter in your bag

It’s always the way: having to pull out half your baggage contents to find your passport. Well, thanks to this clever packing gadget, unmanageable luggage clutter will be history.


The trick to ‘not’ overpacking

Overpacking is a common problem – so here are some strategies to make packing for your next trip a lot easier.