Brain health

Best and worst foods to boost your mood and brain health

Our diet has a big effect on how our brain functions - so much so that our gut is being referred to as the second brain, says dietitian Millie Padula.


Essential oils can benefit your health, mood and brain, study finds

Lavender and other essential oils have been put under the microscope to find out exactly how aromatherapy can benefit mood, health and your brain.

Brain health

Study finds link between COVID and increased risk of Alzheimer's

More research needed but studies find brain health is adversely affected.

Brain health

Aussie scientists able to predict Alzheimer's risk five years early

When do you need to worry that your faulty memory could turn into Alzheimer's?

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Reading, writing letters and card games can delay dementia

Study shows that keeping your brain active could delay dementia by up to five years.

Brain health

Australian scientists discover non-invasive Alzheimer's treatment

Ultrasound can overcome some of the detrimental effects of ageing and dementia without the need to cross the blood-brain barrier.


Study shows COVID is linked to Alzheimer's-like brain changes

Researchers use artificial intelligence to uncover association between COVID-19 and brain changes.

Brain health

US approves first Alzheimer's drug in 18 years

United States health officials have approved a new drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's despite serious concerns that it doesn't work.

Brain health

Simple blood and memory test to diagnose Alzheimer's

An easy way to detect Alzheimer's before symptoms develop is critical for early treatment and Swedish researchers think they might have found a way to do it.

Brain health

The age you gain weight plays a role in Alzheimer's risk

If you have put on weight during the pandemic and are worried about an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, you may not need to worry.

Brain health

A neurologist on how to keep your brain fighting fit

Author and brain expert Professor James Goodwin tells Liz Connor about a few simple lifestyle changes to help slow and even reverse cognitive decline.

Brain health

Study links dementia to poor kidney function

Older people with kidney disease have a higher risk of dementia, and the risk increases with the rate and stage of kidney function decline, says a new study.

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