How to get strangers to take good photos of you

Often while travelling we find ourselves at a picturesque location and all that’s missing is someone to actually take the photo! Here’s how to get the shot you want from a stranger.

Computer Tutorials

10 tech tips you didn’t know

Every year, computers, smartphones, tablets and digital cameras become more efficient, which is great if you know how to get the most out of them. Today's 10 tips should get you started.


Having fun with family photos

Creative portraits may take a bit longer to compose than regular ones, but they can be a heck of a lot of fun and, if done right, the outcome will surely please you.


Taking better photos in low light

Do the photos you take on your smartphone always seem to look blurry, too dark or overexposed? If you struggle to take good photos in lowlight, these simple tricks will help.


How to take the perfect selfie

Selfies are a great way to capture the incidental moments of your life. So, how do you take the perfect selfie? These handy tips should help you on your way.

Cruising Tips

Five photography tips for cruising

Drew has five useful tips to ensure that you capture the very essence of cruising with images you can treasure for years to come.


Do I need a camera?

Should Brenda buy a new camera or will her iPhone do the trick?

Technology News

How to take a good photograph

With modern automatic cameras the only real challenge left in photography is composition. Read these ten easy tips and learn how to take a photo like a professional.


Making the most of your photos

Long gone are the days when photos were printed and popped in albums. Now that the world has gone digital, they simply languish on phones and computers. It’s time to do something with those wonderful images you’ve captured. YOURLifeChoices has some tips to help you make the most of your photos.

European Rail Tours

Free Camera with every Eurail Pass

Dinner in Paris, lying on a Greek beach, shopping in Barcelona, wandering through Tuscany, and you will have the happy holiday snaps to help you remember your European Adventure. Simply purchase a Eurail Global Pass and you could be taking your photos with a free Olympus digital camera.